Point of Sale Registers

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2006/05/31 16:45:36 (permalink)

Point of Sale Registers

For those of you that have them, Do the "point of sale register/computer" justify the costs? $10,000 plus.

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    RE: Point of Sale Registers 2006/05/31 17:50:24 (permalink)
    **** Disclaimer *****
    I work technical support for a POS software company.

    What are you getting from $10K

    Hardware and software or just software?

    $10k sounds like alot to people until you look at what you are getting and what it can mean to your business.

    Tracking who does what on orders can save you alot of theft.
    How do you reconcile your paper orders with what was sent out of the kitchen and what was paid into the register?
    How are you tracking liqour sales, is your bartender giving away shots?

    A good POS will save you money and time.

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    RE: Point of Sale Registers 2006/06/08 18:38:19 (permalink)
    Originally posted by shackburger

    For those of you that have them, Do the "point of sale register/computer" justify the costs? $10,000 plus.

    ***********Disclaimer *************
    I work for a POS Software Developer too and it is worth it.. This $$ you spend up front will help you save and make more $$ in the long run/ it will help you with the operation of your business and help you see precisely where you are making $$ where you are loosing $$ and save you valuable time to focus on what's important your reputation and your customers. But research it well there are many many many many different Point of Sale sys out there
    Good Luck!
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    RE: Point of Sale Registers 2006/06/11 12:53:55 (permalink)
    All depends on your business.... pdxyyz has all good points, but if you are running a mom and pop place, then it may not be as good of an investment. I think overall they are a good idea, but you need to justify what you are getting out of it to the cost, do you need all the features? I know for a bar they are extreamely valuable for tracking the drinks, making sure what you buy is being sold and not given away etc...

    The other question you have to ask yourself is are you computer savy enough to use all the features, or at least willing to learn. A POS system can track a lot and help you run your business by letting you know a lot of info about how things sell, tracking inventory and all that, but I know dozens of business owners who invested in them and they are used for nothing more than a glorified cash register. So not only do you need to decide that in the long run it will pay for itself and even help you make more money, but you really need to make sure you are actually willing to use it.
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