Pork wings

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RE: Pork wings 2007/12/19 17:41:06 (permalink)
Originally posted by rouxdog

This topic has caught my attention as well. I sense that the shank which has much bone adds great flavor, appearance and texture. We enjoy cooking with smoked ham hocks often. Guess its my Tennessee roots. I would appreciate suggestions as to where I might purchase an unprocessed hog leg. No additives, just the real thing.

I don't have an answer, but I imagine they exist ... I presume that is what they use at Harold's BBQ in Atlanta.
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RE: Pork wings 2007/12/20 11:26:21 (permalink)
In Cleveland we have the West Side Market that offors any cuts of any type of meat that you want. Perhaps there is a central market near you? You might also investigate rural buthers. These are the old style guys who will supply what ever you need. The buthcer I use has sold me whole pigs and lamb, some of which he purchased from the local farmers. Good luck.
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RE: Pork wings 2008/04/26 15:16:17 (permalink)
I just came back from Dallas and had the "wings". They were in a great jalaepeno BB Sauce and were great. Wish I could find a distributor in Daytona.
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RE: Pork wings 2008/05/28 07:02:38 (permalink)
I just got my weekly email ad from Piggly Wiggly and there they were. $5.99/lb from Farmland, either Buffalo or BBQ flavor.

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