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mr chips
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RE: Pork,Beef,Chicken 2004/12/21 23:59:02 (permalink)
forgot to mention in my last post that I love the barbecue spaghetti at Interstate babecue in Memphis
carlton pierre
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RE: Pork,Beef,Chicken 2004/12/22 08:57:54 (permalink)
Some really good thought provoking posts here. I never gave much thought to the type of wood used but I can see now where it would make all the difference in flavors.
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RE: Pork,Beef,Chicken 2004/12/22 09:26:59 (permalink)
I love them all! Maybe because I was deprived- living here in NY. It has only been in the last 5 years, that we have traveled to many of the BBQ havens across the country. We have not gotten to Kansas City yet. But, in each place we have learned to appreciate the area's specialties.

In Memphis- the ribs reign supreme- as we even went to the Memphis in May competition.
In North Carolina- the pulled, chopped pork was devine, especially with those addictive hush puppies, and
In Texas- yes, of course- the beef is paramount- but they did a great job on some pork too. We had started in the Dallas area, and then down to Taylor, and Lockhart for the GREAT stuff. I will forever have memories of eating a pork chop at Kreutz's with only my fingers and a plastic knife. To hell with the cutlery!

And now- we have an inkling of hope with the new bbq place in NY- Dinosaur. I have posted my initial reaction to the place, and hopefully will be returning this weekend. I mention it because- shockingly- Dinosaur produced some of the best BBQ chicken I have ever had. Previous tries at other bbq places had not yielded the best results... but Dinosaur????????.. Can't wait to try again.

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RE: Pork,Beef,Chicken 2004/12/22 11:01:37 (permalink)
Originally posted by UncleVic

Originally posted by chickencoop

Growing up in St. Louis I was exposed to all types of BBQ and enjoy all. Now living in Wisconsin I miss BBQ Pork steaks. Are Pork steaks popular any where else but St. Louis?

Around here (Michigan), if you happen to find them in a restarunt, they are pan fried... Yet to see a BBQ'd one unless it came off my grill...

I'm in southcentral WI (Madison area) and while it's fairly easy to find pork steak in the grocery stores (I like to stock up when it's on sale) I've hardly ever seen it on a restaurant menu. I enjoy grilling it when the weather permits and broiling it when I'm forced to cook indoors...

And to answer Carlton's original question, pork is what first comes to mind when I think of barbecue but I'll cook and/or eat chicken, beef, and fish as well and I really don't have a favorite.

Brad O.
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RE: Pork,Beef,Chicken 2005/01/07 13:02:23 (permalink)
BBQ = Pulled Pork. Period.
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RE: Pork,Beef,Chicken 2005/01/07 13:08:59 (permalink)
I think chicken or beef first because I dont eat pork.
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RE: Pork,Beef,Chicken 2005/01/09 08:37:34 (permalink)
I'm a pulled pork and rib guy. Every weekend I'm entertaining friends and family at my house for some pulled pork and ribs. It's giving me the catering bug though....
Scott -- DFW
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RE: Pork,Beef,Chicken 2005/01/10 14:15:39 (permalink)
Texas barbecue is very diverse, contrary to some stereotypes. Last Saturday alone, on a trip to Llano (pop. 3,000), I had brisket, turkey sausage (and jalapeno-swiss turkey sausage), beef ribs, spare ribs, pork loin, sirloin, pork steak, and cabrito. Other offerings that I passed on (due to limited stomach space) were beef sausage, hot links, ham, turkey breast, double-cut pork chops, chicken, and some beautiful prime rib.

Techniques and fuel sources also vary wildly. Everything I had on Saturday was direct heat from mesquite. But if I'd driven a couple hours east, everything would have been indirect heat from post oak. Farther east would have resulted in hickory and pecan, with indirect heat and, sometimes, steaming in foil.

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RE: Pork,Beef,Chicken 2005/01/10 15:57:15 (permalink)
What kind of meat depends on the local offerings. In Chicago, my hometown, BBQ is usually ribs which I find rather boring. I prefer rib tips.

In the Texas and KC area, I prefer beef, especially brisket. Sausage in Texas is also a winner.

Never had it but I look forward to mutton in KY.

Chicken? I like it but I don't think of poultry as being "real" BBQ.
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RE: Pork,Beef,Chicken 2005/01/10 17:31:57 (permalink)
Pork,beef,chicken--YES--and mutton and cabrito and ducks and bluefish and salmon and shark and bonita and bologna and potatos and peppers and onions and .........long and slow and smokey will make cardboard taste good if its done right!
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RE: Pork,Beef,Chicken 2005/01/11 00:35:42 (permalink)
Has anyone mentioned bologna yet? I guess that would most likely be pork wouldn't it?
Double Cheeseburger
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RE: Pork,Beef,Chicken 2005/01/11 09:59:46 (permalink)
Bologna to me means all beef!
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