Porterhouse Steak

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2003/06/12 19:59:04 (permalink)

Porterhouse Steak

A steak on the grill is one of my favorite foods. There are many favorites by many different people and it all is a matter of taste. That is why there is chocolate and vanilla. You cannot get it all in a single steak and that is one of the reasons I prefer a porterhouse steak. You get two different cuts in one and with the Porterhouse, you get a larger cut of filet and the marbled part of the sirloin.

I usually season both cuts the same, but recently I have tried seasoning each part differently. I prefer the grill as it leaves the taste that most of my guest seems to prefer the most.

Any suggestions anyone has to help me improve, I would appreciate.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN

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    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    RE: Porterhouse Steak 2003/06/12 20:08:51 (permalink)
    Sundancer, if there's none left, then you're doing perfect. What seasonings do you use on it?
    seafarer john
    Filet Mignon
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    RE: Porterhouse Steak 2003/06/12 21:35:53 (permalink)
    Went to the local super looking for something to grill and came home with a sale item - aberdeen angus "top sirloin" that looked grillable except that it was cut pretty thin and had no marbles at all. Slathered it with salt, pepper, and olive oil, grilled it for eight minutes on a very hot gas grill, rested it, sliced it very thin, piled it on bruchetta and had a delicious feast! So what's best? Never can tell...
    Tommy B
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    RE: Porterhouse Steak 2003/06/13 06:40:27 (permalink)
    I love a porterhouse also. Yes, the concept of getting two steaks for the price of one is great.
    I must admit though, it's a tie with Rib Eye (or Delmonico) steak. Ahhhh, the marbling on a rib eye.
    Wow, she just loves the grill, and boy oh boy the flavor !!!

    My question is: Which brand of Ice Cold Beer do you recommend with your porterhouse or other grilled steak?
    Jason Perlow
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    RE: Porterhouse Steak 2003/08/06 01:47:42 (permalink)
    You guys might be interested to a wine and steak tasting dinner I went to in NYC last week:

    WARNING: Lots of big pictures. Major Food Porn.

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    RE: Porterhouse Steak 2003/10/27 01:52:53 (permalink)
    I have a soft spot for a really good Heans London broil made on the grill.
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