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Russ Jackson
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Re:Post Count 2008/12/20 17:27:02 (permalink)
I think there are a lot of people concerned with post counts. I could care less. But the names for each level should be changed. Any suggestions? Detroit Coney,Ripper,Slider,Chicken Fried Steak,Etc... I know the first level should be Hot Dog With Ketchup. Maybe a poster of the month contest LMAO....Russ
Ort. Carlton.
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Re:Post Count 2008/12/20 18:46:16 (permalink)
   Let's see if this works. The library is on short hours until January, and there's no librarian here until then who can explain this mish-mash to poor visually-impaired me. -- I suppose I'll learn it over time, but it doesn't seem like much of an improvement, especially considering that I must use a shared computer. Does this mean that I'll have to log in twice every time I come by just to be able to post?
   Frankly, just trying to figure out how to use this is more trouble than it's worth to me. I'm truly about six inches from saying that I'll retire from here, too... this is too complicated for me... go ahead, I'm OLD, kick me out of the way with hobnailed boots... if I can't take it, I'm weak and deserve to be stomped... right? It's a HARD world, Hoss. Tee hee.
   Now let me see if this posts. If I can't get it to work, you'll have to wait until January for me, because nobody here knows enough to help me out... and I will NEVER have a home computer! -- It's just another CYCLOPS, like a TV set! And I come close enough to being my own Cyclops to begin with.
   I hope everyone has a decent Holiday Season until I can get back and figure this "new, improved" system out... if I even try to.
      Jaundicedly, Ort. in 30601.
Ort. Carlton.
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Re:Post Count 2008/12/20 18:50:34 (permalink)
   Well, apparently it worked. I'm now TWELVE inches from retirement until somebody way smarter than me (and it doesn't require much!) explains the workings of this system to me. Maybe I can figure it out over time, but it seems as if a person has to have a degree from M. I. T. just to be a casual (or "causal") user here. G'nee.
   Now I'm gonna go drink some Holiday beer at Trappeze's First Anniversary Celebration, which begins when I get there.
      Ho-Ho-Ho-Kussingly, Santa Dependent Claus Ort. in Festive Athens, Georgia.
P. S. Copper Creek has a Festivus Ale on right now. Delirious....
Dr of BBQ
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Re:Post Count 2008/12/21 09:17:45 (permalink)

Boyle...Nobody "changed" it.  The software tallies it up and the results are what you see.  There's new software, and it does a better job of counting the posts than the old software did.

I suspect this is not entirely correct.  The reason is that most Forum software will archive and remove from the database old post which have exceeded the database storage capacity and/or certain age limit to keep the database file size manageable and this is an Admin function or setting. 

The old forum software had a running total of these counts. The new software could only count the post in the current database and these old counts were not transferred with the user files.  Thus the old forum software was not incorrect.

The question here is: Does the current database include all post-legitimate post from the first day the forum went online?  If so the count is correct; if not, these are the missing post counts.

I think your right on the money. And thank you for explaining it much better than I could.

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Re:Post Count 2008/12/21 12:51:42 (permalink)
Stephen Rushmore Jr.

Two VERY long threads had to lose about about 20 pages of content for the migration to be successful.  The moderators went through every post in those threads and removed the ones that weren't adding value to the topic.

Unless you can prove otherwise, no other posts were removed from the database.

The counts in this forum are 100% accurate.  We did migrate over the post counts, however, the forum software has scheduled maintenance tasks that recalculates the totals and lots of other techy things you probably don't want to know about.

So all post from the 1st day of Roadfood Forum are still in the database?
Stephen Rushmore Jr.
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Re:Post Count 2008/12/21 13:16:43 (permalink)
All the posts should be on the site.  Here is one from 6 years ago:
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Re:Post Count 2008/12/21 14:27:52 (permalink)
I am finding the transition very easy to navigate and appreciate the tweaks.
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Re:Post Count 2008/12/21 14:40:53 (permalink)
Well, for me at least I'm now, BACK to "filet mignon" status. I felt like I had been promoted to General and then two weeks later had been demoted back to Lt. Col. because of some paperwork snafu.
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Re:Post Count 2008/12/21 15:27:16 (permalink)
Why do we need post counts  and reward counts and all the other things?  Good grief.  We are supposed to post to give infomation or our opinion so what is the big deal?
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Re:Post Count 2008/12/21 15:58:03 (permalink)
Maybe post counts are a reminder for some of us to get a life.
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Re:Post Count 2008/12/26 10:20:27 (permalink)
No more posts than I have I could care less about my post count but I did lose over 40 which accounts to 10% of my post total. 
mr chips
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Re:Post Count 2008/12/26 10:43:40 (permalink)
I'm having trouble deleting a duplicate post and understanding how to delete in general.
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Re:Post Count 2008/12/26 10:50:17 (permalink)
message options>>manage message>>delete this message
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