Potatoes on the grill?

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2004/06/26 10:22:44 (permalink)

Potatoes on the grill?

Do you have a favorite way to make potatoes on the grill? We boil little potatoes with the skins on, let them cool, and thread them unpeeled onto skewers. Then we brush with BBQ sauce mixed with a little melted butter (usually Dinosaur Barbecue Sensuous Slathering Sauce) and keep tuning and slathering until the skins are crispy.

Sometimes we stick a square of bacon between each potato and omit the melted butter but still use the sauce.

How do you make yours?

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    RE: Potatoes on the grill? 2004/06/26 10:42:36 (permalink)
    YUM! Boy does that sound delicious! I gotta try that! This is not for the grill & I haven't done them myself, but my neighbor in OK takes the little red potatoes , & boils them with the skins on ,until almost tender, drains them & then sautes them in butter til crispy. I thought I had died and gone to Heaven the first time I had them!
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    RE: Potatoes on the grill? 2004/06/26 10:52:28 (permalink)
    Hey, RubyRose!
    I have a great recipe for grilled potato salad with chipotle mayonnaise.
    Pressure cook or boil new potatoes till about half done.
    Finish cooking them on the grill to desired consistency.
    Grill red onion and red bell pepper slices until tender.
    Chop all and mix together.

    The chipotle mayonnaise dressing consists of mayo (I prefer Miracle Whip), toasted and ground cumin, and finely chopped, canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. One or two will suffice, but more chipotles can be added for an extra kick!
    An alternative is to add ground, dried chipotle to taste.

    Mix mayonnaise with potato, pepper and onion, then top with chopped cilantro if desired.

    This dish can be served warm or chilled.
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    RE: Potatoes on the grill? 2004/06/26 11:50:09 (permalink)
    Cube raw, unpeeled spuds about 1/2". Slice onions. Take about 18" of foil, spray with no stick, pile potatoes, onions, around 2-3" deep. Add butter if desired. Season to taste with salt & pepper. Cover with second foil strip and roll edges to make a baking chamber. Grill until potatoes are cooked through, usually over 1 hour. Turn once during cooking.

    Easy recipe to personalize.
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    RE: Potatoes on the grill? 2004/06/26 12:59:01 (permalink)
    Toss small new potatoes with olive oil, sprinkle with kosher salt, and thread onto metal skewers. Grill until potatoes are done and skins are crisp and slightly charred.
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    RE: Potatoes on the grill? 2004/06/26 19:51:06 (permalink)
    Thanks, I'm ready to try some of these new ideas.
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    RE: Potatoes on the grill? 2004/06/27 19:24:01 (permalink)
    Ruby Rose...That sounds great! We have a friend who gave us another idea for potatos. Take a russet/baking potato, poke some holes in it like you would if you were going to microwave it, and then wrap the potato completey in bacon and put it on the grill until done. FANTASTIC! I don't know if there is a name for it, we just call it "Friends Potato". It makes the inside very moist and tasty. The skins are good too by themselves if you throw some butter in it after scraping out the inside of the potato and eat it that way (no fat or cholesterol there, ha ha).
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    RE: Potatoes on the grill? 2004/06/28 00:13:19 (permalink)
    I did an experiment on the grill this evening, cooking zucchini, onions and halved grape tomatoes with a little olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme in a lidded cast iron skillet. What I did was when I dumped the chimney starter into the grill, I moved the lump charcoal around the circumference of the grate, then settled the lidded skillet down into the hot coals. Then I just put the grill on and grilled some brined pork chops, using the circumference as the hot zone and the area over the top of the skillet as the cool zone.

    In about ten or eleven minutes, the chops were done, and when I pulled them and took off the grill, the veggies were done to a turn. As good as this was, the second I saw the results, I thought "Little baby new potatoes. And bacon fat instead of olive oil." That's next weekend.
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