Propane Line Quote

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2011/06/08 23:12:46 (permalink)

Propane Line Quote

Ok guys, I just had to share this with everyone.  Now I don't mean to offend anyone, but I think  an attempt to punk me was just made.  I had been looking for someone to run the propane lines in my trailer.  I got this quote from this so called professional concession trailer maker.  I needed him to run lines from the tank to three appliances:  a grill that is in the back of the trailer approx 16 feet and the hot water heater and fryer, which are across from each other on opposite walls.  Well he takes a day to run his numbers and figure things out then sends me his quote of $1593 which $993 in materials and $600 for his labor.   And an estimate of five days, but he may get done earlier.
Yes, I do understand the dangers of gas, electric, and mother nature.  But $993 in materials, all of which he has, except the propane that will be an extra $100.  And $600 for his labor.  Well needless to say, I will not be paying his mortgage this month.
I am just outdone.  I have not responded to this guy yet, not even sure if I will.  Guys, yes, I was born at night, but it wasn't last night. 
My search continues, for someone to install an LP gas line in my commercially made trailer.  Gilj

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    Re:Propane Line Quote 2011/06/08 23:43:21 (permalink)
    why not do it yourself and save the time and expense. To test for leaks use a air compressor with a air line conector with a reducer and a spray bottle with soap in it.
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    Re:Propane Line Quote 2011/06/09 01:10:45 (permalink)
    Do some research for your job first, the internet is your best friend! And I think I mentioned an off duty plumber is  what you want to hire not some jerk that sells concession trailers and can't wait to rip you off.
    After one search here are two good links for you to start :
     We have all been taught that running a gas line is so dangerous, you should just not bother. Just pay the professionals. This sort of teaching breeds ignorance and in a time of crisis when there's no plumber around, you might be S.O.L.

    One thing that I like to remind people is that most people with a normal sense of smell will be able to smell a gas leak way way way before it is going to do any harm (assuming the gas is collecting in a relatively enclosed area).

    Propane lines

    by Ryan Grimm » Sun Mar 27, 2005 8:56 am
    There are two main systems for propane lines, copper and black iron pipe. There are stainless piping systems that are available, but these MUST be installed by a licensed plumber, and at any rate I do NOT know if they are listed for RV installations.

    Both copper and black iron have their advantages and disadvantages.
    Copper is amazingly flexible, relatively cheap, easy to cut and splice, add tees or cap off dead ends.
    Black iron is heavier, rigid, requires more expensive tools to cut/thread/install, and is sometimes difficult to get cut to an exact length for a small space. Plus, I need unions to break long runs into managable lengths.
    And there are a ton of links on this subject online all you need do is search. But don't just read one or two spend a couple of days searching and reading, and soon you'll have the knowledge and confidence to do it yourself or know if your getting a fair price from AN OFF DUTY PLUMBER. By the way the younger plumbers (in the trade for just 2 to 4 years) are best because they are still hungry, and looking to keep more money coming in. The older guys know they can get big bucks at work and are less inclined to do after hours jobs and they'll want big bucks.In fact I had a job I could not do this last winter and the going rate here is $85.00 per hour. That sucks so how much is your time worth to DO THE RESEARCH. LMAO
    Good luck
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    Re:Propane Line Quote 2011/06/09 04:09:13 (permalink)
    uumm yea.....
    that is 2 days work at best.....
    black iron pipe is some of the least expensive pipe to buy.....
    you can go to home depot, they will even cut it to length and thread it for you right in the store....
    you might even sweet talk the plumbing pro there to come over and do a little side work for you for next to nothing......
    at the very least he will show you everything you need to know about it before you leave the store, and by nature of his job will provide you free tech support....
    if your paying that much to do the job, i will drive down from NC tomorrow and do it for half what he wants for labor, and gas money, you buy the parts from HD.......
    i promise you we can get it done for probably less then he wants for labor!!!!!
    long story short...the guy is either ripping you off, or using gold lined pipe....
    either way, 5 days to plumb 3 appliances in a 16' area is ridiculous.....
    call me and i will drive down and have you cooking by the weekend !!!!! 
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    Re:Propane Line Quote 2011/06/09 04:14:31 (permalink)
    i was making a funny about the gold lined pipe...... the (insert expletive here) is wanting to rip you off......
    i dunno though, he may be pricing right from the "official" book, but thats why i do everything myself, lol
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    Re:Propane Line Quote 2011/06/09 04:17:41 (permalink)
    i just checked HD....
    its less then 10 bucks for a 4' section of pipe cut and threaded..... fittings are around 2 bucks each.... thats on the website though, in store you will find 10' lengths(much cheaper per foot), and they charge a dollar or two per cut and thread
    personally i cant wait to get to the plumbing part of my project, its going to be one of the cheapest things about the whole build !!
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    Re:Propane Line Quote 2011/06/09 05:04:45 (permalink)
    Heres one for you too... this past tues. my fryer went out, to light the pilot like any other gas appliance you hold the knob in for a few and then release and it should stay lit and the burner lights when the knob is turned to the on position.. well my pilot lit but would not stay lit upon releasing the knob , so the first thing I thought of was the thermo couple, so i called around no luck, got into the phone book found this guy (in town )that serviced restaurant equipment, after several hours he shows up( i'm not complaining  as he was prob. busy ) I already have the thermo pile off and he takes it and say;s yea i can get these and leaves, 1 hr passes...2 hrs. pass, then 3..i'm wondering where is this guy?? keep in mind now I have no fryer i/e no fry,s no hash browns, no onion rings,( we do about 20-30 lbs @ day)  i'm stuck with cold sandwich's burgers , dogs... i call him at 3:30 p.m. i ask how he is coming? he says he hasn't got it yet he had some errands to do first. ERRANDS ?? W.T.F I'm outta bizz. and he's paying his light bill or sumpin! long story longer i finally get it yesterday,, i install it still don't work, I call him he say's its got to be the valve to the tune of 220.00!!! wants the serial & model #.. i tell him i'll call you back.then I remember that the other day the control knob was loose and it spun around i tightened it but maybe the problem after talking to (another ) plumber i take it off and sure enough it was broken in side.(those knobs have to be in the exact position to work properly) i get another used knob and it worked great(cleaned the pilot while i was in there). moral of the story is I don't like to recommend to someone that I don't know, to do any gas work, or any other possibly dangerous job on there own. you never know how mechanically incline anyone is by just talking to them on a computer, and I don't know if I could live with myself thinking some on got messed up cause I told them they could do something they weren't knowledgable enough to do on there own, i've worked for a few plumbers and electricians before and am pretty mechanically incline but I do know my limitations too. Now with that being said I do think that allot of this stuff can be done for yourself. But always consult some one if your not sure!!or have the least little notion that your in over your head. sorry for the long post and I did not mean to hijack the thread. just a first thing in the a.m. rant LOL
    oh and by the way I would tell this guy to take a flying #@** on a rolling doughnut thats way to expensive!
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    Re:Propane Line Quote 2013/07/22 22:14:31 (permalink)
    Hey Gil, I know its been a couple of years since your post on running propane lines, but out of curiosity and the fact that I'm at the same crossroads as you were; could you tell us what you ended up doing? Would love to see your parts list, any problems that you may have experienced, and any pictures if you have them. Thank you Gil for your years of sharing your contributions here on You do have quite a fan base! 
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    Re:Propane Line Quote 2013/07/22 22:53:30 (permalink)
    The OP has not posted here in two years, and has not logged in for over a year, doubt you will get a response.
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