Pudgie Pie

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2004/03/02 14:40:05 (permalink)

Pudgie Pie

How many remember the pudgie pie maker? My mom used to make grilled cheese sandwiches with this contraption. The original design was round and chopped off the crust. Newer pudgie pie makers are square to accommodate the entire bread slice. What kind of pudgie pie sandwiches have you had?

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    RE: Pudgie Pie 2004/03/02 15:43:30 (permalink)
    I didn't recognize the name of the device until I read your post. I don't remember what it was called back in the 'Happy Days" generation, but no matter. That was my usual afternoon snack after school. I was real careful to be sure the thing sealed the two slices of bread around the melting cheese filling...Any leaks and it would really mess up the maker, and usually the open burner on the gas range I was using. I don't recall anything but the Velveta type of contents.
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    RE: Pudgie Pie 2004/03/02 16:01:04 (permalink)
    I've never had one but every time I make grilled cheese sandwiches, my husband whines that he wants the round ones like his mom used to make in the Toast-Tite griller. Do you think it's the same as a pudgie pie maker?
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    RE: Pudgie Pie 2004/03/02 16:17:33 (permalink)
    My Grandma on my Dads side would use one of those round ones when she was done making apple pies (best in the world next to my Mom's imho)
    She would put any left over filling between two pieces of her home made buttered bread (see note above) and cook it over her gas stove. In later years when my family would go camping we would make "camp sandwiches" With that same thing, Wish I had it now
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    RE: Pudgie Pie 2004/03/02 17:04:30 (permalink)
    I didn't have one of those, but I like really soft bread and would make pb&j's with it and use a glass to cut out a round sandwich. I was a kid.
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    RE: Pudgie Pie 2004/03/06 14:11:07 (permalink)
    I had never heard of a pudgie pie maker, but sounds like a neat device. I wonder if it was an antecedent of the various types of electric sandwich toasters/presses/grills now on the market. I have a very basic one that I got at a thrift shop for 5$! It is designed to make two square sandwiches each divided diagonally into two sealed triangles. It lacks an on/off switch or shut-off function, but otherwise works great. I use it sometimes to reheat leftover biscuits or scones - they get brown and crusty and are absolutely delicious!
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    RE: Pudgie Pie 2004/03/07 09:03:13 (permalink)

    we use that 'contraption' to make 'hobo pies' especially when we are camping... we use bread and butter the outside then fill them with pie filling-- cherry/blueberry/apple whatever kind you enjoy.... they are awesome.. we also have been known to use pizza sauce/cheese/pepperoni/sausage and make pizza pocket pie thingies.. they are awesome too.....
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