Pulling Pork

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2007/10/31 09:08:44 (permalink)

Pulling Pork

I was wondering how you pull your pork? Do you take all the fat out? Do you pull it all by hand?
I was also wondering how long it takes you to pull a approx: 8 lb butt? I would like to find a faster way to do this so I can cut down the prep time.

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    RE: Pulling Pork 2007/10/31 09:23:31 (permalink)
    Good pulled pork takes time…..

    Most of the fat should have melted out anyway, if you cooked it right. I find it takes about 10-15 minutes to properly pull a pork butt. Try some bear paws to assist with the job….
    seafarer john
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    RE: Pulling Pork 2007/10/31 09:36:06 (permalink)
    I've watched a few pros and they pull it apart with their fingers. As for this amateur, I find a kitchen fork in each hand, one to hold the butt and the other to pull it apart works just fine. And, as stated above, most of the fat has dissolved and it shouldn't take more than about 15 or 20 minutes - it's certainly faster to pull the butt than to slice and chop it. I know I'm in a good BBQ joint when, shortly after I've ordered I hear loud chopping noises from the kitchen - I know each oder is being freshly chopped up.

    Cheers, John
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    RE: Pulling Pork 2007/10/31 10:16:09 (permalink)
    I use a carving fork and my 9" chef knife. The latter isn't to cut or chop, but just to help shred & pull. Takes me about a minute to get a butt pulled to my satisfaction (I don't go for the finely chopped Carolina style). If I'm having to hack away on it for any length of time, its because its not properly done.

    I also season with coarse salt after its pulled.

    Use your own judgement as to leaving the fat in or out. I generally leave it in unless its a particularly fatty shoulder.
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    RE: Pulling Pork 2007/11/01 12:46:35 (permalink)
    Use 2 tongs, takes about a minute, scout for blobs of fat, there will be some, don't pull until you got an internal temp of 195 degrees.
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    RE: Pulling Pork 2007/11/01 14:10:56 (permalink)

    For me 5 minutes from resting to platter.

    Internal of 195 is crucial

    I start by breaking the butt into larger chunks, seperate any fat (if not gone by now, but usually is)
    any grizzle or connecting tissue out.

    Then using my big green rubber gloves, pick up a large chunk and sort of squish and roll it in your fingers, as the strands start to seperate, break them into finer strands.

    When done to your liking put it in the holding pan

    When done with the whole butt, go to the holding pan and fold the que several times blending the top and bottom to mix evenly.

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    RE: Pulling Pork 2007/11/02 08:31:02 (permalink)
    Thanks for your replies. I guess I am trying to get all the fat out and it's taking me to long to pull. I will try some like you have mentioned and see how it goes. This is the most time consuming part of my work and I have to cut it down.
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