Questions About Hot Water Heater

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2014/04/25 14:31:37 (permalink)

Questions About Hot Water Heater

Hi there,
I'm in the process of building a food truck and am currently headchaching over the right hot water heater for the job.  We are limited on space and power so are mostly looking at electric (120V), tankless, on-demand style heaters.  The price seems right but we are nervous about how these will perform.  Does any one have any experience using them or have any advice as to our best fit?  For our inspection, we need to get up to 110F.  Please let me know if you have any advice!

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    Re:Questions About Hot Water Heater 2014/04/25 14:43:09 (permalink)
    Do you mean a hot water heater vs. a cold water heater?
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    Re:Questions About Hot Water Heater 2014/04/26 10:38:38 (permalink)
    I am installing this heater here... 

    MAREY POWER PAK PLUS 110V Tankless Water 

    I've read the reviews, and it seems to be adequate for the needs of a food truck, plus it's economical, and only 110v.
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    Re:Questions About Hot Water Heater 2014/04/27 15:27:10 (permalink)
    If you are short on amperage I would think the very last thing you want it an electric tankless water heater. It's nice that you can make this thing draw as little as 10 amps but--it draws 10 amps minimum! So don't even think about running another cooking appliance on the same circuit. Juggling sucks.
    You can get an Ecotemp propane tankless for less than this product. Produces lots of extremely hot water very quickly, I guarantee it will out-perform this product by orders of magnitude. It requires electricity for the controls but only >this< much. =^)
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    Re:Questions About Hot Water Heater 2014/05/17 02:07:59 (permalink)
    Marey also makes a propane on-demand water heater.
    They are about $120 or so on ebay. You just have to make sure you winterize it well or take it indoors, cuz I've busted the innards of a couple of them during our rare freezes.
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