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2005/01/25 21:14:45 (permalink)


I don't remember too much about this chain, I do remember one in allentown pa and york pa. It seems they sprung up over night and dis-appeared just as fast. Was their specialty roast beef sandwiches?

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    Double Cheeseburger
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    RE: RAX 2005/01/26 04:38:40 (permalink)
    Yes, and they are still around in my area. I live in West Virginia and there is one in Weirton right down the street from a Hardee's. It was a Rax years ago, changed to a Tim Hortons, and changed back to a Rax again. My neighbor had a good idea and she ended up buying 5lbs. of Roast Beef and numerous packages of buns from Rax and put it into a crock pot for a party once. Worked out well. I dont think theres much of a difference between Rax and Arby's roast beef personally.

    Here's some locatons - http://www.rax-online.com/raxlocations.htm

    and here's the menu - http://www.rax-online.com/184Menu.htm
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    RE: RAX 2005/01/26 06:49:06 (permalink)
    There was a Rax in Farragut, TN in the mid eighties. It was by the highschool I attended. I remember going there when I got my braces on! I didn't eat any roast beef but had a bluberry milkshake to make my mouth feel better! The only thing I remember was how much I loved those blueberry milkshakes! I don't think RAx was there for very long.
    Mark in Ohio
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    RE: RAX 2005/01/26 07:39:11 (permalink)
    Rax (they were Jax until the early '70's or so) are alive and well in Ohio, we have one here in Chillicothe, right down [restaurant row] from Arby's, who usually has more business and a slightly more innovative menu.
    TJ Jackson
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    RE: RAX 2005/01/26 09:12:37 (permalink)
    All the Rax locations in Cincinnati closed down many, many years ago.
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    RE: RAX 2005/01/26 09:33:51 (permalink)
    I believe there was at least one Rax in Rockford IL in the late '70s or mid '80s but it's long gone.

    I see by the website that Rax still has a presence in Indiana and Ohio but none are on my route from Madison WI to Lebanon OH this coming August...looks like it's yet another chain that expanded in the '70s/'80s and eventually had to pull back.

    Tristan Indiana
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    RE: RAX 2005/01/26 09:35:11 (permalink)
    The RAX in Shelbyville, IN tried to hold on by expanding their menu to include pasta, pizza, and mexican. I think you could even buy a beer there. In my experience this idea doesn't work out. Lots of choices usually means none done particularly well, i.e. Golden Corral quality food. It finally closed for lack of business even though it was surrounded by a flurry of construction of new businesses near it.
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    RE: RAX 2005/01/26 10:06:26 (permalink)
    I remember RAX growing up in Pittsburgh in late 70's, early 80's. Was a favorite spot in college for cheap eats with the all-u-can-eat food bar concept...food was actually not that bad for that concept, plus in college it's all about quantity anyway. Loved the blueberry shakes! Haven't seen one in ages - guess they're only in Ohio and West Virginia.
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    RE: RAX 2005/01/27 19:50:11 (permalink)
    There used to be a Rax in Ft. Myers, Florida, but I believe it closed awhile ago.
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