RR and Fixin's Bar

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2003/09/14 21:26:28 (permalink)

RR and Fixin's Bar

I'm a big fan of Roy Rogers.

Yeah, I know, I know -- we do unique regional food on here, not chains, but -- well, there's really nothing regional per se with a hamburger. They're everywhere :-)

That said, I particularly like having the 'fixin's' bar at Roys. Pile on as much lettuce, tommato, pickles, onion etc as you like onto your own burger.

Any other chains do this?

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    RE: RR and Fixin's Bar 2003/09/14 21:40:28 (permalink)
    I wish there were! In Pine Bluff Arkansas, In the 70's and early 80's, we had a Burger Chef that had a fixin's bar. After making the Burger, I would make a salad out of the fixin's as well! Maybe, I was the one that ruined it for everybody else. LOL "Fudruckers Hampurgers" a high dollar burger place here in California does have a real good Fixin's Bar. However a burger, fries and a soda is near $10.00! You don't want to know what they charge for Cheese! LOL
    Junior Burger
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    RE: RR and Fixin's Bar 2003/09/17 13:41:51 (permalink)
    BigGlenn, I would agree with you about Fuddruckers. Used to go often to the location in Omaha on 72nd and Dodge. The fixin's bar was awesome back then. They used to put out a coleslaw that was very good. And you could have as much as you liked. This was 1990-1995. Back then I thought it was somewhat pricey, but I was in college. I recently went to the Littleton location in Denver area and was surprised at how the prices and menu and changed. I mean, you can get up to a 1 pound burger now, but who the hell is going to pay $10-12 for a burger, fries and drink regularly? I would go broke, especially since I love the food. I have to limit myself to a 1-2 times a year. The hot jalapeno cheese is worth the trip alone. I enjoy Red Robin too, but the lure there is the bottomless fries. And its a few bucks cheaper then Fuddrucker's. Fudrucker's has a great concept, but they need to cut prices some.
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    RE: RR and Fixin's Bar 2003/09/17 14:28:39 (permalink)
    "Any other chains do this?"

    Flakey Jakes and Fuddruckers do it.
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    RE: RR and Fixin's Bar 2003/09/17 17:08:53 (permalink)
    We have a local place in Austin, Burger Tex, that has a "fixin's bar". They have 3 or 4 locations around town. Really good burgers.

    They are modeled somewhat on the Fuddrucker's concept, with two main differences. First, Burger Tex is not near as fancy, and second, the hamburger Burger Tex offers actually has flavor.
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