Range Dogs

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Range Dogs

They key steps involved in making and selling range dogs are quite simple. The real secret is in the preparation. Preparing to serve Range Dogs begins at home.

First, select the firearm you wish to carry while serving. Make sure that it's unloaded by removing the magazine and inspecting the breach to insure that no ammunition is in the firearm. Action the firearm back and forth and inspect it again. Next, retain the firearm in a holster and store it for transport. Set up your cart for business as normal. Note that it is not recommended to carry a longarm while serving Range Dogs as this will impede your mobility and might even sweep a customer while serving sodas. Range Dogs are appropriately served while wearing a sidearm.

Upon entering the range property, all of your product is magically transformed into Range product. Thence, your dogs are now Range Dogs, your mustard is now Range Mustard, same with your relish & etc. This is by far the easiest part.

Upon arrival and setup, you must next put on your Sam Brown and apron. While we'll keep our firearms unloaded at all times on the range until we approach the firing line under the direction of a Rangemaster, we also remember that we will not touch or unholster our firearm for any reason while at the range unless we are at the firing line under the direction of a Rangemaster. And we'll note that the apron should not cover our holstered and retained firearm. What's the point even if you have a CCW? People have to know that these are authentic Range Dogs.

Now that your product has achieved termperature, your magically transformed menu and your costume combine to create, with a little flair in presentation, the consumate Range Dog. Ah yes, and let's not forget the hearing protection as well as the eye protection. Personal safety comes first and on the range, everyone's safety is all of our responsibility. And don't we look good in our hat, eye-protection, hearing protection, apron and black basket-weave (or other finish) duty belt! Now wash and dry your hands one final time, cram on those plastic gloves and get ready to serve with a smile!

Selling points:

1. Only Range Dogs are guaranteed to improve accuracy. Your tummy ain't competing with your eyeballs for attention.

2. Only Range Dogs promote marital and domestic bliss while improving accuracy. You don't have to listen to "I'm hungry" while yer trying to sight in the deer-smearer.

3. What, yer not hungry?

Unrelated notes:

1. Hey CSD, my little California Cart accepts the regular sized doofus propane tank! I thought it was some special small size.

2. I hate Smart & Final chopped onions. The people of Israel called for manna in the desert, I call for commisary chopped onions in the desert.

3. The Campbell's no bean chili is getting served on the dogs. Screw Hormel.

4. I have a problem with my NY dog which is served with a dill slice. I'm serving dogs in the paper boats. It gets kraut, mustard and the pickle just gets put on top. It's not clear that the pickle is a side-garnish. They are eating the dog with the pickle right on top. It's not right. It's a crime. A NY dog in our book is kraut and mustard and by the way, here's a dill slice to munch on. So maybe the paper-wrap comes back out? Roll the dill slice in from the corner of the paper wrap and nest the dog in that instead of the boat. Same cost, a little cheaper. Perfect. Thanks for that. You guys have all the answers.

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    you're welcome. thats what we are all here for. to share our wealth of knowledge, expertise, and maybe, just maybe, learn something along the way.
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