[Rant] Lipton sucks

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Re:&#32; 2011/04/06 10:18:19 (permalink)
I have been using Constant Comment tea for years, but a couple of you have mentioned Luzianne, so I am going to try it.
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.. 2011/04/20 00:26:41 (permalink)
I wish i could find another iced tea THAT TASTED AS GOOD AS THIERS DID...... The closest i found is 4C but they use slightly different ingredients which throws the taste off from Liptons a little.... (DONT LIKE IT AS MUCH)

Now 4C also has maltodextrin in thier Iced Tea BUT NOT IN THE REG MIXs!! (It doesnt belong there,they are sugar sweetend products!!)
Look at thier reg mixs then look at the LIGHT mixs (They have maltodextrin)
Thier light mixs ARE ACTUALLY BETTER then liptons as they dont have aspertame in them!! (Surprisingly)
If they only used the exact same ingredients as lipton uses,I WOULD HAVE MY ICED TEA BACK!!! (Thiers is good but not quite as good as liptons WAS)
Im quite dissapointed in lipton!! (They used to be a good company that put out good stuff)
I emailed them one more time with the above site and said PLEASE DONT REPLY TO ME UNTIL YOU REALISE I AM RIGHT.... (STILL NO REPLY A WEEK LATER,THEY WONT ADMIT IT TO ME)
The reg tea mix was only sweetend WITH SUGAR,there was no maltodextrin in it until they changed thier provider.... (Used to be done in Canada and they switched to a USA distributor (Thats when Maltodextrin was added to reg lemon instant mix)
There is no talking to them.... Companies think they can treat ppl like crap and there is next to no getting anything back (If they make stupid changes,etc) -- There have been a couple times i have gotton good responses from companies BUT NOT VERY OFTEN..
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