Rax by the Trax--Q in Port St. John w/Pics

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2008/09/06 19:10:10 (permalink)

Rax by the Trax--Q in Port St. John w/Pics

I had to venture up the road about 15 miles north of me, and while coming back home, I saw this sign.
Port St. John is a little town in between Cocoa, and Titusville, to give you some bearings...

BAR-B-QUE!!!! My love!---
Screech...... did a quick U turn.
Small simple little building, but with a great bright sign.. Why didn't I see it when I was going the other way?...Does my brain only look to the left?.. Hmmm.. Must be.
Oh heavens, upon entering the smell was heavenly.
I hoped this was real Q.
Ok now.. here we go again.. Hungry and way too many choices.
Ok.. "I want this".. NO!!... "this".. No.. "please wait a minute"..
Thankfully I was the only one there at the time.
I decided on a combo with pulled pork, sliced beef brisket, sides of potato salad and slaw, but got an extra side of beans, because, you just HAVE to try beans at a BBQ joint!
I mean thats a BBQ law!
Pricey for this area, but I bit the bullet, knowing I would be eating this for 2 days. $12.99 for the 2 meat combo.
$7.59 for large sandwich combo w/1 side.

Then a little sign on the register....
"Hillybilly Pork Rolls" " />... WTF is that, me thought.
So I asked...Pulled pork w/sauce in an egg roll wrapper, and fried.
OK....I am up for off the wall unique food items.
"I'll take one of those also.".. "Please"... Cashier was getting annoyed with me, I could tell..
Oh well..... Tough titty.

Small place, with only take out, delivery, but they have a couple tables outside. Not a sit down place at all inside.

Crappy pic, had the cell phone with me....

Let me get to the sides first.
THE BEANS!... OMG, these are some of the best beans I have ever had, outside my own!!! Onion, a little sweet, pieces of what I do think is ham hock meat. I might be wrong, but it didnt look like the pork.
Glorious tasting. Oh yeah.
(I know.. I get so excited over the little things)
The cole slaw was very fresh, in fact so fresh, the cashier told me it was cabbage heads that AM. Well.. pretty plain. She said it had horseradish sauce in it, but very little, and nothing but cabbage, finely ground. I think tomorrow the flavor might set in.
Potato salad was decent. If you like sweet. It had relish, onion, mayo, but really not seasoned. I added a nice dose of pepper to it, as I did the slaw.
Garlic bread is pretty standard.

Now.. for the meat.
I had seen a smoker out back when I took the pics, and also just wanted to be nosy, and asked about it. There was a fence hiding all but the chimney part of it, I couldnt see a wood pile. Cook there said it was a 500 lb smoker. They used to have 2, but sold one. What that meant, I don't know.
I should have picked his brain a little more, but really wasnt in the mood.

The sliced brisket was exceptionally good. Very moist, you can see the smoke rings, and VERY tender..Smokey flavor, but not enough to over-ride the taste of the meat.
Fork tender, not like that crap I got at Big Bob Gibsons in NC, that was tough as Gigi's toenails.

Now, the pork was altogether disappointing.
I do prefer sliced, but pulled was the only was they offered, as I asked.
Now.. If you look at the pork in the photo's, do you see pulled?
NO?... Me either.
Now, why would you take pulled pork and fine chop it?
I mean FINE chopped! It seemed to be competing with the texture of the coleslaw.
And.... the charcoly, smokiness was too much, as all I could taste was smokey/charcoly flavor. (I made that word up just now).
So, I cant tell you what it really tasted like. I think Gigi will enjoy it mixed in her dog food.--Not that bad-just kidding.

Now, onto the Hillbilly pork roll. I liked it, but it is pulverized meat, not pulled! There is a dipping sauce and it is a combination of Thousand Island dressing and horseradish sauce-(I asked). I didnt use it except to taste it, as I thought the "egg roll" was ok on its own.
Nice concept though.

The sauces I got wereHOT and sweet.
I opened the lid to the hot one, and thought..
Hmmmmm--"Why did she give me salsa?".. Tasted it...
YEOW! .. that was so friggin HOT I ran and drank some tea out of the pitcher from the fridge!--YIKES!. I think they had Dave's Insanity in it!

Not a Q sauce at all, IMHO.. If you can see in the pics, little chunks of "stuff"... I tried to taste it again, to discern just what everything was, Mistake!... Off to the fridge again... TOOO HOT!
Have no clue if she made a mistake....
Tasted the sweet.. eh.... I am picky about my sauces, and this one was acceptable, but should have asked for the mild, just as a comparison, as I am sure its homemade also.

I poured the hot into a dish, so you can see the chunky salsa look that it has.

A closer pic, but kind of blurry.

All their sides are homemade....
They also offer fried pickles, sweet potatoes, fries, and other stuff, but the pic didnt come out well, and I didnt see any to go menus.
I didnt try the ribs, but they offer only St. Louis style, which are my favorite type. I think the half rack with 2 sides was $8.49. They the ala cart ribs priced at $6.99, but she said they had just changed the prices, and a half ala cart was $8.99. Now, that just doesnt make sense. Why would the dinner be .50 cents less?...Duh...
I dunno.
So... since the half rack was almost 10 bucks with tax, I nixed them and said I had enough food.
If I lived there, I probably would keep going there, cuz of the beans and the beef, but I am not making a special trip.
Acceptable is my final thought.

Oh.. I almost forgot the chili..
Home made, really good.. YES it has BEANS!--2 kinds chili and kidney, and I like it....
Tasty, and very meaty......
Works for me. Although it has too many beans, its still good.

Now I am stuffed.. HAH.. no, I didnt eat all of that. I have most of the meat, all the sides and 1 piece of garlic bread left.


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    RE: Rax by the Trax--Q in Port St. John w/Pics 2008/09/06 19:32:35 (permalink)
    Hot and Sweet Report there! But them beans did catch my attention!

    ann peeples
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    RE: Rax by the Trax--Q in Port St. John w/Pics 2008/09/06 19:34:34 (permalink)
    Looks fantastic, my friend!
    Michael Hoffman
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    RE: Rax by the Trax--Q in Port St. John w/Pics 2008/09/06 20:21:58 (permalink)
    And you just happened to find it. How lucky can one get?
    Junior Burger
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    RE: Rax by the Trax--Q in Port St. John w/Pics 2008/09/06 21:48:40 (permalink)
    Hmmm! I live about 6 miles from here. I'll drop by and check on this place.
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    RE: Rax by the Trax--Q in Port St. John w/Pics 2008/09/07 01:03:19 (permalink)
    Was that the Hillbilly pork roll broken up in front of the brisket? I like anything fried...

    The chili looks similar to mine. Looked pretty good.

    It's a shame they pulverized the pork. To be honest, when I saw it in the photo, at first I thought it was some kind of bread stuffing. Definitely not pulled.

    I would've loved to have tried the hot sauce, even if it did send me running for the iced-tea pitcher, too! " />
    John A
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    RE: Rax by the Trax--Q in Port St. John w/Pics 2008/09/07 17:53:58 (permalink)
    The brisket & beans are worth a trip back

    Thanks Tara
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    RE: Rax by the Trax--Q in Port St. John w/Pics 2008/09/07 18:11:32 (permalink)
    Originally posted by John A

    The brisket & beans are worth a trip back

    Thanks Tara

    And the potato salad. It was really good. I forgot to mention, it also had hard boiled egg whites in it.

    Yes Katie.. that was the Hillbilly Pork Roll, broke in half. I tried to show it, but the filling was very meager. I would suggest more meat and pulled, as opposed to "finely chopped".

    Jrnest--try it and please report back. I am curious how the ribs are.
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