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2018/08/30 16:46:37 (permalink)

Red eye gravy

I have seen a lot of recipes that call for nothing but butter, coffee and maybe sugar but I had some in Atlanta that used Coca Cola.  Anybody know of that recipe?
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Re: Red eye gravy 2018/08/30 18:54:47 (permalink)
Never have seen it or had it, but there are a few recipes on the web that have Coke (or cola) listed as a substitute. Here's one from the James Beard Foundation. How was it?
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Re: Red eye gravy 2018/09/01 08:16:07 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby leethebard 2018/09/01 09:07:37
Very good redeye gravy can be made without coffee, or coke, tea or other ingredients to add body & flavor to the gravy.    ... But it takes good & real country ham to do so.     My redeye is red from the country cured ham and has a lots of smoked ham flavor with small eyes of ham grease floating in the gravy.       ... Those cooks that know how the cook country cured ham can make very good redeye easly.     Too many cooks these days do not know how to cook a cured country ham.   ... I think the use of coffee began as a restaurant cook's cheat.   Just pour some ham dripping into strong or left-over coffee, reduce & heat and serve.
... The argument over whether strong coffee or tea should be in the gravy goes way back.   Many of the turn of the century recipes has coffee or tea.  So to argue that coffee doesn't belong in the gravy is mostly mute and depends on one's own taste.     ...  I make it without and no sugar!  ...
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Re: Red eye gravy 2018/09/04 09:54:19 (permalink)
The Silver Skillet uses Coke in their recipe.  At least that is what they showed on Diners Drive Inns and Dives.  I can no longer find the whole segment but in this brief clip he does mention that they use cola in the gravy.  I've had it many times there and love it.
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