Regional breakfasts

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RE: Regional breakfasts 2008/04/04 13:50:47 (permalink)
With regard to tomato gravy, fresh tomatoes in a blender is the way to go, but I'll gladly take canned tomatoes from a blender. Smooth consistency is where it's at!

Ort. Carlton, I'll check on the livermush! Thanks!
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RE: Regional breakfasts 2008/04/04 14:47:23 (permalink)
Originally posted by billyboy

WJ, classic, man. Just classic.

Here, Ted is modeling the ever popular "Mullet" style of hair care

On display across the nation and it goes by many names such as:

Camaro Crash Helmet
Canadian Passport
Shorty Longback
and, my personal favorite,
"Business in front, party in the back, dude!"

Sorry, I couldn't resist!


Kentucky Waterfall
Tennesee Mudflap
The Yes-No
Beaver Paddle
Long Island Iced Tease

Back on topic, that tomato gravy sounds awesome... I've never heard of it before, that's worth trying to make myself.
I usually end up with biscuits and gravy when I eat breakfast out, I have an allergic sensitivity to eggs... they're ok in limited quantities mixed into other foods, but a whole egg would put me over the edge, so no omelettes or scrambled eggs. So, it's biscuits and gravy (or pancakes), homefries, bacon or sausage, toast, oj, and tea. Pretty standard.
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RE: Regional breakfasts 2008/04/04 16:33:48 (permalink)
In Houston, breakfast tacos are EVERYWHERE! It is not uncommon to see 2-3 taco carts in a one-mile radius. Some of the most common combinations are potato & egg, chorizo & egg, barbacoa & egg, and carne guisada & egg. A taqueria is not considered authentic unless the tortillas and salsa are made from scratch. On the weekends, most of these places make manudo, which is a soup made with tripe and hominy. Supposedly it helps with hangovers, but I've yet to try it.
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RE: Regional breakfasts 2008/04/07 12:05:52 (permalink)
Originally posted by SPACE_CITY_RYANOn the weekends, most of these places make manudo, which is a soup made with tripe and hominy.
And Puerto Rican. It's also spelled m-E-n-u-d-o.
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RE: Regional breakfasts 2008/04/13 16:42:45 (permalink)
I have one word: Chilaquiles. No better breakfast anywhere....fried strips of tortilla topped with green or red chile sauce, shredded chicken (sometimes beef), crumbled queso fresco and drizzled with crema. And then a fried egg is placed on top. This is a very common breakfast in Mexico, where my mother hails from. She used to make this for us as kids all the time.
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RE: Regional breakfasts 2008/05/03 21:46:25 (permalink)
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RE: Regional breakfasts 2008/05/04 00:54:06 (permalink)
We don't have any regional specialtys except Chicken & Waffles , but that came from the American Southeast by way of Los Angeles so it doesn't really count.

How about Fresh Fruit and Cream with Nuts atop Granola OR fresh carrot/apple/wheat grass juice followed by a run through the park.

My favorite meal is Eggs Blackstone which is just Eggs Benedict with the ham removed and crisp bacon and fresh tomato slices added. And it must have home made hollendaise.
I would love to know who started this.
And before someone fires away the rapidly becoming a turn-off "use the search feature", I did;
"No Matches Found"

I didn't notice a post by sizz who has recently wrote proudly of his community in San Jose, Ca
which is where I saw Huevos a la Mexicana on several menus and loved it. It was much more to my liking than Huevos Rancheros. I think of it as a city version of the ranch or country egg dish.
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RE: Regional breakfasts 2008/06/17 12:17:06 (permalink)
Originally posted by joerogo

In N.E. Pa. you go to Tony's Restaurant in Kingston, Pa. Order the "Fat Bastard Breakfast".

Meatballs, sausage, onions, sweet and hot peppers and cheese omelet with a spoon of sauce over the top and a sprinkle of pecorino. It comes with a side of sausage with cheese, onions, peppers and sauce on top. And of course, Italian toast.

You can also order the Calabrese potatoes. The best home fries you ever tasted with onions and peppers.

Now don't make any funny faces until you tried it. This breakfast is addicting.

The Fat Bastard!!!!! What a breakfast.


Where's my Tums?[/img]

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RE: Regional breakfasts 2008/06/19 21:36:52 (permalink)
When I was living in Scotland, local breakfast blew my mind. Fried eggs, beans in tomato sauce, blood pudding and toast. Have you ever even tried looking at baked beans when you're hungover?! Particularly baked beans mixed up with soft cooked eggs?! Praise be to Scottish stamina.
I also got yelled at for putting syrup on my french toast. "Who the heck puts syrup on their eggy bread! Everybody knows you need ketchup!"

Here on Vancouver Island we're pretty benny obsessed. Just about every combo you can come up with gets done here. During the week breakfast is a good cup of coffee and some sort of baked good, then the weekend is for real breakfast, as the giant line ups out the doors of the restaurants will attest.
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RE: Regional breakfasts 2008/06/22 06:57:32 (permalink)
I don't think I could be more dissappointed in breakfast in Northern Illinois. I actually avoid going out for breakfast in this area just because it has degenerated into a terrible mess.

In Macomb, Illinois, we used to eat Harolds, at hardee's. A Harold is drunk food by definition. Biscuits, hashrounds, eggs all smothered in sausage gravy. We used to get extrememly drunk and go eat one.
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RE: Regional breakfasts 2008/06/23 14:15:45 (permalink)
Originally posted by Ort. Carlton.

Originally posted by Jim in NC
Nearly vanished from commercial establishments in this area: Brains'n'eggs.

I am told that this is ubiquitous on mom-and-pop restaurant menus around Jefferson City, Missouri. There's also an eatery there that specializes in brain sandwiches.
One serving of brains and I've received a month's supply of cholestrol! I'd rather enjoy killing myself and eat livermush.
Feeling Mush Better Now, Ort. Carlton in Ever-Effervescent Athens, Georgia.

My Texas grandmother served me brains and eggs one morning for breakfast when I was about 5 yrs old and visiting her in Amarillo with my mother.

And I really thought she loved me, up until that morning :(

One of the best breakfasts I've ever had was in Ensenada, Mexico. Real machaca- sauteed shredded air dried beef, scrambled eggs, onions and peppers. Oh my.

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