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Restaurant Menu / Theme

Hi everyone!

I have owned and operated a 25 seat deli / espresso / ice cream shop at a ski resort in Northern, ID for the past 4 years. We are very popular with the local skiiers and most of the tourists. Now we have the opportunity to lease an existing restaurant space in the same village (we figure we might as well else someone else will compete agains us).

Three other businesses failed in this space (or just gave up) because there was no vent hood and you couldn't cook anything...only heat it up...or cook somewhere else and transfer to the restaurant.

We have the opportunity to put a grill and maybe an oven into the space. We have thought about baking our own bread and baked items to transfer to our deli...and have some heat and serve items for hot sandwiches and appetizers.

We would have breakfast cornered since there are no other real breakfast places on the mountain. We plan to do an omelote bar with pancakes (possibly huckelberry pancakes since they are our regional berry) bacon, sausage, toast etc,.

We are having trouble coming up with a menu for lunch. We've thought about burgers...but I'm not sure if that's what skiiers want when there is a cafeteria that serves them.

Since this is a small space we don't want to provide fine dining...more casual but the space has a nice calming mood to it. We will serve draft beer and wine. We thought of an Irish theme offering fish and chips, beer, appetizers. I love BBQ...but I don't know much about if it would work in a small restaurant such as this.

Any ideas for lunch and dinner... an easily adaptable menu that we can trasfer into dinner...and offer a great meal at an affordable price? Our only competition would be a Pizza shop and a $20-$35 a plate restaurant accross the way. We are thinking of more around $8-$10.

Any ideas?

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    RE: Restaurant Menu / Theme 2005/05/23 17:13:10 (permalink)
    I always like the shops that have a whole round of beef and a whole ham and carve sandwiches to order, served au jus on some variation of a Portugese roll. In the evenings, you could serve platters of the same meats.
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    RE: Restaurant Menu / Theme 2005/05/23 17:39:29 (permalink)
    I was thinking of something like that as well Ruby...we thought of using a rotisserie...and maybe do some pot roasts on a fresh baked roll or without the roll....

    Thanks for your reply!
    Still looking for more advice...
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    RE: Restaurant Menu / Theme 2005/05/23 18:12:10 (permalink)
    Just make sure you put in plenty of fryers and large flat griddle. I didn't and now I'm finding out life is not so easy without them.

    If you do go the BBQ route know that you limit your customers. Most don't eat BBQ often, so in order to get those folks in more you need to offer some different foods. I'm also finding out that groups will go along with the one person that doesn't care for BBQ and go somewhere else, but if you offer more you can get them all in.
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    RE: Restaurant Menu / Theme 2005/05/23 18:16:30 (permalink)
    I agree with the hot sandwiches. I would also take advantage of the region you are in, however. Homemade breads are a nice touch, but a lot of work. You are in potato country and I would take every advantage of that. Steaming hot potato soup would be very welcomed by those coming off the slopes as would other potato variations. In fact I would think about naming the place The Hot Potato. If I were a tourist in Idaho I would be looking for great potato joints.
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    RE: Restaurant Menu / Theme 2005/05/23 18:42:29 (permalink)
    variety is the right idea. after all, your customer base is from all over the country. i would do the most popular eastern, western, northern and southern dishes possible. its almost impossible to make it on one style of food these days. even at my bbq we have a ton of non bbq meals to help reel in the groups slick was talking about. the irish theme sounds great. if you have a grill and a fryer and an oven, you can do just about anything.
    the above is a link to irish recepies.... check it out.
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    RE: Restaurant Menu / Theme 2005/05/23 22:58:04 (permalink)
    Unless you are in a large Irish community I would not go with an Irish (or any other ethnic) theme. You can do fish 'n chips (which is really English) along with other things. For lunch I would keep it simple but GOOD.....fabulous soups, great sandwiches, fresh salads with interesting dressings....cilantro lime vinaigrette, champagne vinaigrette, homemade blue cheese dressing, etc. Offer grilled chicken, shrimp, fish and steak for the salad toppings.

    And as the above posters have ARE in SPUD COUNTRY!! A spicy potato soup....jacked up with jalepenos and the brine!

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