Review of Blackies

Michael Hoffman
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2009/05/12 12:19:05 (permalink)

Review of Blackies

I guess all then good things I remember, and all the good things I still hear, about Blackies is a load of zilch. And, I guess Hummel's no longer makes good dogs. (Although I always hoped they'd make terrible ones because I couldn't stand Claire Hummel when we were in third grade together in Miss Langer's class at Church Street School in Hamden.) It's also interesting to know that Blackie's relish sucks, as well. And I suppose there's just no hope for dogs in a state where they split those things.

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    TJ Jackson
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    Re:Review of Blackies 2009/05/12 13:19:16 (permalink)

    That review (posted by someone named Michael Baily) was just basically kinda weird.  I mean, why bother with all the effort for a getting a formal review published when you basically are ambivalent about a place? 

    In any case, he's entitled to his opinion

    I'd just ignore this review
    seafarer john
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    Re:Review of Blackies 2009/05/12 13:30:35 (permalink)
    I ate two great hot dogs with mustard and spicy relish at Blackies last year on a Roadfood meet-up led by ayersian. It was a memorable experience and I hope to return to Blackies again sometime this Summer.

    I suspect M. Baily's tastebuds have died from overexposure to the garlic in Nathan's hot dogs.

    Cheers, John   
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    Re:Review of Blackies 2009/05/12 15:43:02 (permalink)
    I didn't even know Blackie's sold hot dogs. I thought they were just a bar. When were you in Milwaukee?
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    Re:Review of Blackies 2009/05/12 17:26:37 (permalink)
    The Blackie's they are talking about is a hot dog stand in Cheshire, CT.  It is the most recent review on the home page.  I went there last year as part of a CT meet-n-greet and loved it, especially the peppery relish.
    John Fox
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    Re:Review of Blackies 2009/05/12 17:32:58 (permalink)
    I was to Blackies once a couple of years ago. I do like the tangy natural casing Hummel's beef and pork dog. I usually get my dogs with mustard only or sometimes chili. I did get one with the popular relish. Like Rutt's Hut, the relish here is unique. While Rutt's is bright yellow with sweet and sour flavors, Blackie's is dark in color and very peppery.

    I don't know whether they slit the dogs down the side here or if they burst open from the oil, but they are not as taut as some other dogs (Hummels) that I've had in Connecticut.

    Blackies serves up a good dog. I haven't had a bad one in Connecticut. But for a fried dog, I like Danny's and Mr. Mac's Canteen better. My favorite place was Rosco's, which has closed. Another favorite is the Glenwood Drive In in Hamden. Excellent char grilled long 5 to a lb natural casing Hummel's.

    I suppose if you don't particularly care for the Hummels brand, you're not going to like the places that serve them.
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    Re:Review of Blackies 2009/05/12 18:55:30 (permalink)
    A review is a review.
    Baah Ben
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    Re:Review of Blackies 2009/05/12 19:49:09 (permalink)
    I have two jars of Blackie's Hot Pepper Relish sitting on my desk as I'm typing!  One is mine and one is for SK Bob, who I think is motor biking in Europe at this time with his lovely wife.  I think  he's in Monte Carlo right now actually.  

    Our dear friend and roadfooder, JoeRugo brought down the relish to Orlando; JohnA has one, too.  Joe loves Blackie's and has raved about this relish.  I've got to get some natural casing hot dogs; all out right now.  Then, I'm looking forward to trying this relish.  Joe said it the best!

    John - The tiny place I love in Rockland or Rockport, ME where they grill the natural casing dogs in a sheet of hot salad oil along with chopped onions (I cannot remember the name right now) ..Do you know if that is a Hummell's brand hot dog?

    So John, did you like Blackie's relish?  You know I do not care for Rutt's mustard relish at all.  Should be interesting to see what Blackie's tastes like.  

    I'm looking at it and it has all the seeds in it.  Looks like they use the whole pepper and steam it down.  Ingredients list peppers, vinegar, onions, salt and spices..."Made expressly for and distributed by Blackies, Cheshire, CT"  Since 1928.  They must be doing something right!

    I'm gonna check out their site..if they have one.
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    Re:Review of Blackies 2009/05/12 21:31:18 (permalink)
    I kinda liked the review, actually.  We certainly cannot have all positive reviews on the site -- who would take us seriously, then?  The writer made the caveat of not liking Hummel dogs from the get-go, though.  And I will agree that I've been to Blackie's plenty of times when the relish looks rather gray as it sits in that help-yourself container.  But I, too, have a jar in my fridge and LOVE it.

    Reading your memories of the CT eat & greet makes me want to plan another! 
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    Re:Review of Blackies 2009/05/12 21:43:19 (permalink)
    Unless a place is downright  terrible, I would never  post a negative review on it.  Some reviews are based just on personal tastes and not the quality of the food.  I, personally, think that is wrong.
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    Re:Review of Blackies 2009/05/12 22:16:00 (permalink)

    Unless a place is downright  terrible, I would never  post a negative review on it.  Some reviews are based just on personal tastes and not the quality of the food.  I, personally, think that is wrong.

    My own reviews tend to be a little mixture of both; my personal tastes, as well as the quality of the food...
    ...and I am quick to note that it is "JMO", etc, when applicable..
    Certain features are fact, like if no food server comes over to greet me for 15 minutes, for instance.
    (not even an acknowledgement) .  I feel that DOES deserve a negative plug, and is unacceptable.
    No matter how busy one is, a simple "I'll be with you as soon as I  can" works wonders!
    If I find the meat to be tough, I will say so. Someone else might think it's tender, that's what makes the world go round.  If I am struggling like crazy to cut the steak,  I will note that in my review.
    I almost always try to find some redeeming features about a place, though... (like  "the bathrooms smelled real nice!")
    Can you imagine a world without any negative reviews ?!? 
    (indiscriminately BASHING places is another category;  I hear you about BASHING, Greymo..
    but if there is constructive critisicm, that is real cool, though)
    P.S. Hey, BAAH BEN, I LOVED the relish at Blackie's when I went there last summer!
           I even tried a few bites of that porky Hummell's hot dog... not my type, cause I like a more beefy flavor,
           but it was very good quality.   Great roadside stand!
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