Review restaurants

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2004/05/10 15:36:41 (permalink)

Review restaurants

The Largest Online Restaurant Review Site!
(Over 175,000 restaurants listed - 150,000 reviews)

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    Double Cheeseburger
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    RE: Review restaurants 2004/05/10 15:42:03 (permalink)
    i found a lot of these out of date. anyone else?

    I'll admit though a great resource.
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    RE: Review restaurants 2004/05/10 17:19:44 (permalink)
    I'm looking for an online Menu site like that. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    RE: Review restaurants 2004/05/10 17:53:42 (permalink)
    It's true that a lot of the reviews are old and, in some cases, the restaurant is long out of business. The only way to address that is to do a review and state that it's out of business. It still stays unfortunately, as apparently no one at reads or acts on notifications of defunct establishments. I have tried on many occasions to get rid of some out of business or changed management places but to no avail.
    That problem, and the lame "reviews" of some who are just trying to see how many times they can see their name, are annoying but the site is still fun and in many cases helpful.
    Hey, I even got a free tee shirt from them a couple of years ago for doing so many reviews.
    Michael Hoffman
    Double-chop Porterhouse
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    RE: Review restaurants 2004/05/10 20:41:03 (permalink)
    I searched for restaurants in the city where I live and got a message saying none found. I then searched for restaurants within ten miles of my zip code and got 18 restaurants inside this city, ten of them long gone.
    Ort. Carlton.
    Filet Mignon
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    RE: Review restaurants 2004/05/10 20:55:00 (permalink)
    It looks like it's up to the reviewers to keep people advised of whatever changes occur. I looked through the Athens llstings, and there were several shown that were gone... but most of the listings remained fairly accurate.
    If I had time, it would be worth my while to saunter by there on a regular basis. Not now, though... I've got 40,000 45 records awaiting collation. It's enough of a sword of Damocles to make me want to go over to Copper Creek and have a pint and not worry about it....
    Saliently (Upon The Bounding Main), Ort. Carlton in Ever-Challenging Athens, Georgia.
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