Rib Fests?

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2003/10/15 18:25:33 (permalink)

Rib Fests?

Are barbecued rib fests a popular summer feature in your neck of the woods? Here in Ontario there seems to be one just about every weekend within a few hundred miles that draw as many as fifteen competitors. The biggest one I know is in Burlington's Spencer Park(the suburb of Hamilton located on the north shore of Lake Ontario) from Wednesday to Monday Labour Day Weekend. Other really big ones featuring ten or more competitors are in Ottawa, London and Etobicoke's Centennial Park(western Toronto).

Ole Camp 31 from Alabama is perhaps my favourite travelling joint at these rib fests. Ole Camp 31 features a very smoky sauce that is also sold by the bottle. Another favourite competitor of mine is Crabby Joe's from London, Ontario. Crabby Joe's ribs are not as smoky as Ole Camp 31's but are tangier! Every rack I've had from Crabby Joe's has also been meat-falling-off-the-bone tender and juicy, but not fatty!

I've attended so many of these rib fests in the past four years that I now regard myself as the foremost authority on ribs in my neighbourhood! IMO the best restaurant ribs in the Toronto area are to be found at RD(Red Devil) BBQ and Blues on Duncan Street at Pearl in downtown Toronto. The ribs at RD's are tender and juicy and the sauce is tangy/smoky but they go too light on the sauce!


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    RE: Rib Fests? 2003/10/15 20:46:42 (permalink)
    Here in the Hudson valley, our bbq fest seam to be a combo of lobsters, ribs, and roast beef sandwiches cooked over a fire pit (and lots of microbrewed beer and local wine).

    Recently, I was up in Rockland Maine, and was treated to (at a little roadside stand called ("Outlaw BBQ) the smokiest and tenderest (no fat!) ribs I've ever tried!

    Here's a question: How would you go about smoking bbq sauce at home? I have a great bbq sauce recipe (I'll post the recipe later) and would love to imbue it with a bit of smokiness...!!!
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    RE: Rib Fests? 2003/10/16 00:36:47 (permalink)
    I myself get the smokey flavor in my bbq sauce by using either peppers or tomatos that I have smoked. If it is going to be a spicey sauce I use chipotle "smokes jalopeno pepers" and if it going to be a sweet sauce I generally use some smoked tomatos and a little liquid smoke, but you have to watch the LS because the flavor can be kinda funky if you use too much. Sometimes I smoke garlic too, that can ad a great smokey flavor along with a the sweet wonderful flavor of roasted garlic to anything.
    and as far as rib fest I live just accross the st clair river from sarnia onterio and thay have a huge rib fest there every summer from what I understand, but I have never been there. I know I would love to get there but I just never get the time. I guess I am too busy smoking my own ribs on the pit in my backyard. The best food type fest I have been to in my life though I did have some great ribs at is the Arts, Beats and eats festival in pontiac MI every laborday weekend. It is a 3 day food, music and art fest that draws about 1.5 million people. Talk about great food and music.... the art dont do much for me though.
    I have a yahoo group that specializes in bbqing and grilling if anyone is intersted in joining shoot me an email and I will invite you.
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    RE: Rib Fests? 2003/10/16 15:41:38 (permalink)

    Here's a question: How would you go about smoking bbq sauce at home? I have a great bbq sauce recipe (I'll post the recipe later) and would love to imbue it with a bit of smokiness...!!!

    Sardy, You might try bottled smoke, or, as it's called "liquid smoke" in your favorite BBQ sauce. A few drops goes a long way. Also, as mentioned, the smoked peppers, (chipotle) work well, but you get heat and the pepper flavor with them, with the liquid smoke, you just get, well, smoke!
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    RE: Rib Fests? 2004/06/19 15:11:37 (permalink)
    You have to try this place... It blows Red Devil out of the water. Not sure about the others because I only go here now when I want "REAL" BBQ.

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