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RE: Rick Bayless--Frontera Grill 2011/08/22 16:13:36 (permalink)
i dont know if you still look at this site but i would love to talk with someone about hiring a wine steward. i have some questions and no one to ask! can you help!? 
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RE: Rick Bayless--Frontera Grill 2011/09/14 19:22:55 (permalink)
I'm probably the only person on the planet to know this, but the watch he wears on his show is a one of thirty, 8 Day Jump Hour watch by Tiffany that his wife bought him as an anniversary gift-the watch sold for $36,000!
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RE: Rick Bayless--Frontera Grill 2011/11/24 08:23:06 (permalink)
Much to my surprise and delight our local Wal-Marts are now carrying Frontera's salsas and selling them for a far more reasonable price than we were used to paying.  Bayless' Chiplotle Salsa is "off the hook" good.
They also started carrying another fantastic "Chicago" product: CharCrust meat rubs.
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RE: Rick Bayless--Frontera Grill 2011/11/25 10:10:31 (permalink)
On the recent Chicago - Milwaukee Roadfood Tour, I had the pleasure of dining three days in a row at Xoco, Rick Bayless's newest place.  It is immediately adjacent to his 2 other restaurants and features a casual eatery open for breakfast and lunch Tu-Sa.  The breakfast menu is served 8-10am, pastries only till 11am and then the full soup, sandwich (tortas) and specials menu through mid-evening. (I think it was 8pm) 
Lines can occur although my early dinner of 4:30pm yielded no line and a chance encounter and picture with Rick.  The next two days, we arrived at 7:30am for an 8am opening and were first in line each morning.
If 3 days in a row, in the middle of a food tour doesn't tip my hand...I'll say it...FANTASTIC!  Expect to pay $10-12 per person, and you'll want to go back the very next day.
You can see the menu except for specails by googling Xoco in Chicago. 
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RE: Rick Bayless--Frontera Grill 2012/01/29 16:17:05 (permalink)
We went to Frontera Grill for my birthday last fall, and it was the best date night of our entire married life. We arrived just before the doors opened, and were 5th and 6th in line, so we had no wait at all, really; we barely had time to enjoy a drink at the bar and share an appetizer with the lady next to us before our table was ready.  Being a fan and regular watcher of "Mexico One Plate at a Time," I was thrilled to see Rick Bayless was in the restaurant, checking the first dishes leaving the kitchen.  I was nervous, but my husband pushed me to go ask for his autograph - "if you don't, I will!" he said. "I don't have a pen," I said. Husband said, "he will have a pen."  Once he was done with the things he was checking, he gave me his autograph and talked with us for a few minutes, and was very gracious.
My husband had his favorite Mexican dish, chiles rellenos (I didn't know before reading this thread that we were lucky to get them!), and I had the trio of ceviches. Growing up in Chicago, I never had ceviche until I was introduced to it while living for several years in Santiago, Chile, and I've missed it ever since.  We were both very pleased with our dishes, our drinks, and the friendly and attentive service.  Both the bar and the adjacent dining area are lovely, in their artwork and their color scheme and their ambience. Sorry to say, I can't remember what else we ordered, which is ironic, considering that I spent months studying the online menu, which changes seasonally, before we went.
Post script: At some point, I told the server how appreciative I was to Mr. Bayless for taking time to talk to us and giving me his autograph, and then, somehow - DOLT THAT I AM! - I dropped it when I was leaving. We were nearly back home, an hour away, before I realized I'd lost it. The next afternoon I called the restaurant, and I'd barely explained what I was calling about before the lady on the phone said, "don't worry, we have it here." I went there that evening, retrieved the autograph from the hostess's desk, and enjoyed another great drink and appetizer at the bar before I headed home.
I can't wait to go back.
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RE: Rick Bayless--Frontera Grill 2012/01/29 17:09:54 (permalink)
Cubbie--wlecome to roadfood!! and--glad you liked the place--i too am a fan of Mexico one Plate at a time--esp the seafood!!! Love the Baja series now on PBS and The living well network here in Oklahoma!!!
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RE: Rick Bayless--Frontera Grill 2012/01/29 17:38:20 (permalink)
Thank you for the welcome, tiki. I catch Rick Bayless on TV every chance I get, and I watch the Live Well Network channel more than anything else.
I've never tried to do much Mexican cooking, but I'm tempted to get one of Bayless's books as a guide. I don't know which one would be best for a beginner, but "Mexican Every Day" sounds as though it could be the one for me. I'm open to suggestions.
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RE: Rick Bayless--Frontera Grill 2012/01/30 09:28:46 (permalink)
Welcome cubbie. Any one of Rick's books is a good one, he is very descriptive in how he explains the technique as well as some historic background of his recipes. Just yesterday 3 of us gathered to make tamales straight out of One Plate at a Time and had an easy and fun time of it. I don't have a copy of it, but he one of his cookbooks is a general one that he wrote with his daughter Lani and it's an enjoyable read as well. Good wishes!
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