Roadfood Near Drive-In Theatres.

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2004/02/12 00:00:09 (permalink)

Roadfood Near Drive-In Theatres.

Just recently, a restaurant in Beaufort, South Carolina was posted here, so that one will do for this thread. Actually, it helped to inspire it.
South Carolina has two remaining drive-in theatres: one in Beaufort and one in tiny little Monetta, between Aiken and Columbia on U. S. 1 - and just shouting distance from Batesburg/Leesville, where Shealy's Bar-B-Que and Jackie Hite's Bar-B-Que are located.
There are four drive-ins left in Georgia, but I can only report on two connections here. Fact is, the library's closing for the night, so I'll complete this post tomorrow.
In the meantime, I'll be looking forward to anything else anyone else posts.
Curiously, Ort. Carlton in 30601-land.

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    RE: Roadfood Near Drive-In Theatres. 2004/02/12 07:06:07 (permalink)
    Wellfleet, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Wellfleet Drive-in still in operation. During the weekends they hold a great fleamarket.

    Here's a link to their site:

    But best of all is the little lunchenette. Fantastic Burgers and Onion Rings!!!! With a movie buff atmosphere.

    Jane and Michael take note. This is a Roadfood treat!
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    RE: Roadfood Near Drive-In Theatres. 2004/02/12 07:21:25 (permalink)
    Ort and Ed: When I first saw this thread, I immediately thought there were none around Knoxville and I pounced on the website Ed posted and entered my zip code and was surprised to find 20 drive ins with 150 miles. Three of which were very close to Knoxville.

    Those things bring back many wonderful memories of my courting years. That was the best place to take your date. They always had a intermission which gave you a chance to come up for air, grab a hotdog and coke and them resume watching the movie

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    RE: Roadfood Near Drive-In Theatres. 2004/02/12 11:41:44 (permalink)
    Last time I went to a drive-in was around 1969 and saw "Easy Rider". I too plugged in my zip code on the above site. They must not recognize Alaska zips cuz it told me the closest drive-in was in Texas! That's a LOOONG way to travel to see a movie!
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    RE: Roadfood Near Drive-In Theatres. 2004/02/12 11:54:55 (permalink)
    There is a nice one in La Mesa, TX and also in McAllen.
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    RE: Roadfood Near Drive-In Theatres. 2004/02/12 12:05:25 (permalink)
    Ther is a new (built within the past 5 years) drive-in in the Town of Avon, NY. Avon is about 20 miles south of Rochester on Rt 15, and has an exit to Rts 5&20 from I-390.

    Just a few miles west of Rt 15 on 5&20 is Tom Wahls. The original Tom Wahls started there about 50 years ago as a small drive-up ice-cream/burger joint. They have expanded several times over the years, adding what is now a large dining area. They are open year-round, and have a large picnic pavilion in back for eating outside in nice weather.

    Tom Wahls makes their own root beer, although it is now served in paper cups instead of the original frosted glass mugs. They have a Wahl burger which is a cheeseburger with a slice of grilled ham, lettuce and tomato. Great fries and onion rings, and good ice-cream.
    Ort. Carlton.
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    RE: Roadfood Near Drive-In Theatres. 2004/02/12 20:52:03 (permalink)
    Tonight I run earlier and finish my previous post.
    Atlanta has a six-screen drive in, Starlight Six, located at 2000 Moreland Avenue, S/E. This is U. S. 23, or Ga. 42... the locals refer to it as "42 Highway." No more than three miles south of there, straight down 42 amidst the truck terminals of lovely Conley, Georgia 30027, is The Rio Vista, Atlanta's only remaining catfish restaurant of its type: these two are a perfect match for retro-freaks if ever such a thing existed!
    A new from-the-ground-up drive-in has recently opened only 30 miles from my home. The Highway 17 Drive In Theatre is located at 2395 Bowman Highway in Dewy Rose, Georgia. Dewy Rose is a flyspeck town that consists of a church, its attendant cemetery, about eight houses clustered together, a post office (with several lo-o-ong rural routes), and now a drive-in theatre. Only five or so miles north of there is the town of Bowman, which is home to a fine Roadfoody eatery, The Berryman House, which is just up 17 and right at the four-way stop, across the tracks, past the church, and on a block or two on GA. 172 towards Hartwell.
    Other remaining drive-in theatres in Georgia operate in Blue Ridge in the North Georgia mountains and in Jesup, clear across the state and not too far from Savannah. I have no knowledge of local eateries in these cities, though, so I must leave you with incomplete information.
    For those of you who are interested in linking these two areas of interest, I can refer you to for a complete listing of all the drive-in theatres virtually worldwide. There's even one is Moscow, Russia, although whether Roadfood as we think of it would exist there or not is pure conjecture.
    I await Springtime in Monetta; it will be barbecue time for me.
    Completingly, Ort. Carlton in Real-Estate-Is-Too-Expensive-Here-For-A-Drive-In-Theatre Athens, Georgia.
    P. S. There are no operating drive-in theatres in Louisiana. Alas, one now must go to New Orleans to eat and not be sidetracked by such other distractions. The closest drive-in to The Crescent City appears to be the thriving Beverly in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
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    RE: Roadfood Near Drive-In Theatres. 2004/06/20 01:11:08 (permalink)
    Our local drive-in (only a few miles from where I live) has reopened for the summer. It's the oldest one still operating in the U.S. and is like stepping into a time warp. There is a nice photo of the snack bar in the gallery section.

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    RE: Roadfood Near Drive-In Theatres. 2004/06/20 04:39:03 (permalink)
    The Summer Twin Drive-In in Memphis is where i spent my early courting days. Good snack bar but even better was that i had Dad's van!
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    RE: Roadfood Near Drive-In Theatres. 2004/06/24 11:30:48 (permalink)
    We are lucky in this one county that we live in here in North Carolina to still have 2 drive in theaters- The Belmont Drive In and the Bessemer City-Kings Mountain Drive In. I remember the days back in the 60's and early 70's when we had about 4 more. That was the Saturday night place to go. Bessemer City-Kings Mountain would have a carload price and people would pack cars and then let the kids sit outside in the grass during the movies. We always had to have a hot dog or hamburger and some popcorn. Those were the days.
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