Roadfood + Save Money + Lose Weight

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2013/09/01 09:40:09 (permalink)

Roadfood + Save Money + Lose Weight

I’ve set a nearly impossible goal for myself.  I’m going to frequently eat the Roadfood and restaurant food that I love so much, but at the same time I’m also going to save money and I’m also going to lose weight.
Month #1 (August 2013) has come and gone, and I’m happy to report that I had a successful month.
Number of restaurants visited: 30
Number of items eaten: 51
Dollars spent on restaurant food (including tax and tip): $187.61
Dollars deposited into my savings account: $187.61
Weight at start of month: 193
Weight at end of month: 188
Pounds lost: 5
Beelow’s Steakhouse (Lake Zurich IL) Veggie Wrap with Fresh Fruit $18.00
Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant (Mundelein IL) Chicken Fajita Salad $9.00
Subway (Vernon Hills IL) Veggie Delite Chopped Salad $5.89
Starbucks (Vernon Hills IL) Berry Cake $1.20
Burrito House (Chicago IL) Ground Beef Tacos $5.00
Andy’s Drive-In (Kenosha WI) Hamburgers $6.00
Panera Bread (Kenosha WI) Strawberry Salad $9.27
Hillcrest Family Restaurant (Kenosha WI) Fried Chicken, French Fries, soup (dining companion paid)
Baker Street (Kenosha WI) Buffet (dining companion paid)
Trolley Dogs (Kenosha WI) Two Vienna Beef Hot Dogs $4.24
Good Garden Café (Kenosha WI) Tomato Basil Soup, Portobello Stacker Salad $10.20
Wishbone (Chicago IL) Spinach Omelette, Corn Muffin, Hash Browns $13.80
Boat House Pub (Kenosha WI) Tomato Basil Soup $6.17
The Coffee Pot (Kenosha WI) Herbivore Omelette, Hash Browns, Homemade Toast $11.00
Villa Di Carlo (Kenosha WI) Chicken Marsala, relish salad (kidney beans, pasta) $20.00
Culver’s (Kenosha WI) Butterburger and Iced Tea $4.94
Kenosha HarborMarket booth (Kenosha WI) Power Scone, sugar cookies $3.00, $10.00
Spot Drive-In (Kenosha WI) hamburger and chocolate shake; hamburger and root beer $6.20, $5.00
Marina Garden Restaurant (Kenosha WI) Eggs (over easy) with Pancakes (dining companion paid)
House of Gerhard (Kenosha WI) Beef Rouladen and a lot of other stuff (dining companion paid)
Tenuta’s Delicatessen (Kenosha WI) Italian Sausage Panini $6.70
Papa Del’s Pizza (Champaign IL) Pizza with onions and green peppers (dining companion paid)
J. Gumbo (Champaign IL) Bourbon Street Chicken with rice $8.00
Courier Café (Champaign IL) Scrambled Eggs, Hash Browns, Pancakes (dining companion paid)
Urbana Café (Urbana IL) Eggs (over easy) with Pancakes (dining companion paid)
Culver’s (Urbana IL) Butterburger and Iced Tea $5.00
Atlanta Bread Company (Champaign IL) Tomato Basil Soup $5.00
Francesca’s Famiglia (Barrington IL) Bruschetta, Grilled Salmon, several bites of different desserts (dining
companion paid)
Big Star Drive-In (Kenosha WI) hamburger, French fries, onion rings, broasted chicken $10.00
Interstate Dogs (Kenosha WI) Jumbo Vienna Beef hot dog $4.00
There was no magic and no secret, but I did follow some guidelines that apparently worked.
At restaurants, I don’t always finish the whole meal or whole item, I often carry some home as leftovers.
At restaurants, I almost always drink water as a beverage.
At restaurants, I don’t always order a complete meal.  Sometimes, I’ll order just one item a la carte.  For example, I’ll order the hamburger, but no fries and no drink.
Carry-out or delivery items count as restaurant items.
Prepared foods from grocery store hot buffets and salad bars count as restaurant items.
All at-home meals are healthier choices: lean meats, eggs, veggies, fruits.  Some cereals/grains, not much bread.  Fat-free milk.  All at-home items were fat-controlled, sugar-controlled, salt-controlled, calorie-controlled.
I eat breakfast every day.  Previously I often skipped breakfast.
I don’t eat anything after 7:00 p.m.  Previously I was an evening snacker.
I exercise every day.  Previously, I hadn’t been exercising at all.  My exercise is usually just brisk walking or light jogging.  If I do movement-intensive projects at home like cleaning or organizing, that counts as my exercise.
For every dollar spent in a restaurant, I deposit an equal amount into my savings account.
If my dining companion pays for my meal, then I don’t count that financially.
If I pay for my own meal and my dining companion’s meal, then I only count my own meal financially.
Okay, I'm ready for September!
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    Re:Roadfood + Save Money + Lose Weight 2013/09/01 10:57:01 (permalink)
    Congratulations ItM! Great job!

    Breakfast - daily exercise - not eating late in the day. Very important factors to success. Drinking enough water as well. People dehydrate themselves without even knowing it...and tend to be cranky cranky cranky peeps & get a little lazy.

    Soda - juice - coffee - tea etc. don't register as water intake. Seltzer is a good option that counts in the water dept.

    I keep the daily record in Weight Watchers points. It's worked pretty well for me my entire adult life. Knock-on-wood & thank you Jesus!

    Anything/everything in moderation. It works when you work it. Keep up the good work!

    Good luck in September! Keep us updated.
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    Re:Roadfood + Save Money + Lose Weight 2013/09/01 11:27:50 (permalink)
    I'm seeing the Jared here!  Congratulations and way to go keeping those records.
    This will be something I look forward to seeing each month.
    Looks like you have a son or daughter at UofI (as we do).  We've had some really terrible meals down there.  It seems everything near campus is just awful and that's after trying around 10 of them.  We did like the brew pub in downtown Champaign and that may be come our go to spot. 
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    Re:Roadfood + Save Money + Lose Weight 2013/09/01 18:12:11 (permalink)
    ImTheMom - Congrats on your loss and good luck in the coming months.  Holidays are always hard to keep focused on, I like your idea of banking the equal amount of $$ you spend.
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    Re:Roadfood + Save Money + Lose Weight 2013/09/02 12:34:59 (permalink)
    Bankin' the fun fund....
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