Roadfood and thrift stores

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RE: Roadfood and thrift stores 2003/09/28 23:40:04 (permalink)
Just yesterday I hit the nice little Charity shop I go to in Ann Arundel County. Got a Junior league cookbook "Tea Time at the Masters by the Junior League of Augusta GA" $2 & 6 sherbert glasses for $20, these match the etched crystal that I inherited from My Mother. I have priced these in an antique shop at $8 - $10 a piece!!
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RE: Roadfood and thrift stores 2003/09/29 04:11:04 (permalink)
I'm on the road with my personal vehicle often. Since I don't work and the travel is always recreational these days, I have plenty of time to stop and look at scenery, shop at thrift stores and antique malls and EAT! Ever since my life changed enough for me to be able to do this type of travelling, I have had lots more time to stop at the second hand places. They are as much a part of the journey as the food.
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RE: Roadfood and thrift stores 2003/09/29 17:27:02 (permalink)
I used to work for a thrift store and would go out on "pick-ups" and pack up and move everything that was being disposed of...I moved a lot of heavy furniture! (and I must say that middle-class families tend to dispose of huge amounts of clothing!) I started to check out thrift stores in various cities to check out the "competition" and I learned that they were great places to find funky T-shirts and cheap books...When I was visiting Portland, Maine my friends there said that I had to check out the local Goodwills (or Salvation Army?) because they often had surplus LL Bean clothing much cheaper than the LL Bean surplus store (I literally visited very Goodwill or ??? in the Portland region and they had some Bean stuff but nothing I wanted.)

Okay, here's a plug for my ex-employer... If you're in the New York City area and are interested in some pretty unusual thrift stores (WABC TV called them[url='']Bargain Hunter's Best Kept Secret of NYC[/url])......
then check out [url='']Everything Goes Thrift and Vintage Stores[/url] ....oh yeah, big 20th anniversary shindig and sale coming up in November....

...and to tie it back to Roadfood, near the store are a number of Sri-Lankan restaurants, a Polish deli selling home-made food, a taqueria and a coupla of Mexican groceries selling home-made food, a new French restaurant... And of course Staten Island has some of the best pizza in NYC (none of the good pizza is near the store, but nothing's that far away on Staten Island!)
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RE: Roadfood and thrift stores 2003/09/29 17:39:19 (permalink)
The best trip - spend the afternoon looking at the two stories of stuff at the old peanut warehouse on Galveston Island. You will find everything from 100's of old magazines to pricey antiques and 50's furniture. After you have worked up an appetite, go to Gaido's on the seawall for a fabulous dinner.

The last time I was there, they had one of the mixing bowls exactly like one I recieved as a wedding present displayed in the vintage cookwear section. " /> I don't think I am vintage yet!

Here is a link about Gaidos- the giant crab is still on the roof.
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