Roadfood worthy breakfast in Fontana

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2009/01/11 09:09:15 (permalink)

Roadfood worthy breakfast in Fontana

I recently had an excellent, roadfood worthy meal at Brandon’s Diner in South Fontana, just South of I-10 at the Sierra Ave exit. Since this was our second visit, I can safely vouch for the quality of Brandon’s grub. Here are the details:
Service/ambiance: Front of house is clean, as are the restrooms. The room is spacious and the décor is basic diner, with comfortable booths lining the perimeter and 2/4 seat tables filling the middle. This restaurant also offers a drive-up window, which was left over from the previous tenant, but don’t let that fast food feature influence your expectations… this is not a fast food restaurant.
The service is aptly dispensed by a battalion of ladies who can sling hash with the best in the business. They’re attentive and friendly in the professional, no-nonsense fashion endemic to busy diners everywhere.
Product: The menu offers a wide selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner items, with breakfast available all day. There are almost as many Mexican items as classic American fare from which to choose. They’re in the process of obtaining a beer/wine on premises license.

I ordered a bacon and cheddar omelet topped with pork chile verde. I had two choices coming from the huge selection of sides, so I chose hash browns with onions and French toast. I also ordered a bowl of homemade pico de gallo to pour over the omelet. My drink was a huge glass of fountain dispensed Coke.

The omelet was perfectly cooked. Stuffed inside were plenty of chunks of smoky bacon encased in a sea of molten cheddar. Ladled atop the eggy goodness was a generous splash of chunky pork chile verde, which offered just enough spicy heat to remind me of its base ingredient. This omelet was massive, as was the mound of onion flecked hash browns that rested beside it. My only complaint concerns the doneness of the potatoes… next time I’ll ask that they stay on the griddle longer, as I prefer a dark brown crust. The pico de gallo was delivered in a capacious bowl, and was fresh and tasty.

The French toast was a hit. They use thick Texas bread, and my order was perfectly cooked, which to me means golden brown and not cooked in butter. The container of syrup is delivered hot, which is always a nice touch.

Leanne had a grilled sandwich of grilled chicken breast, sautéed fresh mushrooms and, I believe, Swiss cheese. For her side she chose onion rings. Those were a hit with both of us. The batter was tempura style rather than the ubiquitous corn meal version everyone else offers. They were light and perfectly cooked. All said, she thoroughly enjoyed her meal.

From a previous visit, I can report on two additional menu choices. The biscuit and gravy didn’t impress me. Once upon a time, I criss-crossed this country in an 18 wheeler, so I know my gravy. This was gloppy packet gravy that was missing a sausage or bacon component. The biscuit wasn’t all that great either.

Their chilaquiles ( makes a top notch breakfast choice.  It’s redolent with the flavors of the unique ingredients that compose it and infused with a fiery heat that’s sure to open sleepy morning eyes.
Brandon’s believes in huge portions. I’ve never been able to finish a meal here. A well filled foam container always accompanies me home and provides another full meal once my stretched belly recovers from the restaurant visit. Most selections are under 10 dollars.
This restaurant is easily accessible from both directions of I-10. I heartily suggest Roadfooders give it a try the next time you find yourself passing through Fontana.
Brandon’s Diner

17132 Slover Ave
Fontana, CA 92337
(909) 428-3535

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    Re:Roadfood worthy breakfast in Fontana 2009/01/11 10:47:11 (permalink)
    Sounds spectacular, enginecapt. I find myself asking for a little extra griddle time when I order hashbrowns these days. Your report got my stomach grumbling this morning!
    mayor al
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    Re:Roadfood worthy breakfast in Fontana 2009/01/11 20:18:00 (permalink)
       Thanks for another fine write-up from the Inland Empire. Your descriptions get better with every report !
      Does Brandon's have a website? I would love to see their Menu!
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    Re:Roadfood worthy breakfast in Fontana 2009/01/11 20:50:12 (permalink)
    Al-The Mayor-Bowen

    Your descriptions get better with every report !

    Thanks. I took more time with this one, and wrote it at oh-early-30 when there wouldn't be any annoying interruptions.

    No website, believe it or not in this day and age.
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    Re:Roadfood worthy breakfast in Fontana 2009/01/24 14:47:54 (permalink)
    A little further west, I use to get wonderfully big chili cheese omlets at the diner at the Chino Airport on Sunday mornings. Don't know if that's still the case.
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    Re:Roadfood worthy breakfast in Fontana 2009/01/27 14:47:33 (permalink)
    That would be Flo's Airport Cafe, and I agree, excellent breakfast can be had there.
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