Roast Beef North Shore Massachusetts style

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RE: Roast Beef North Shore Massachusetts style 2005/08/27 12:24:44 (permalink)
Originally posted by i95

Speaking of Kelly's (at least the Saugus, Rt. 1 location)...better get your roast beef sandwiches now because when they crowbar-in a Krisy Kreme doughnuts in the place where Russo's Candies now stands (across from Kelly's) the traffic is going to be that much worse.
Just going thru some old posts. To bring people up to date that K K has been open for quite sometime now, I go by it at least 4 times a week, keep looking for the For Sale sign, should be any day now. Sad to say but Dunkin Donuts next door to them {and I do mean next door} dose a land office business. Don't know what the attraction is they are both terrible. Chow Jim
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RE: Roast Beef North Shore Massachusetts style 2005/08/28 20:05:15 (permalink)
Rileys in Framingham is still there, pumping out those delicious sandwiches!
I made a stop there when I was leaving just for a few on my trip back to Florida.
There is a new restaurant In Cape Canaveral, Fl (Cocoa Beach area), that serves authentic Mass style roast beef, sauce and all...
They also serve whole belly fried clams.. kinda the best of New England in one setting. They must've been homesick!
But I wish I could remember the name.. Think it had New England in it...
Try it, the large is HUGE.. enough for 3 sandwiches, worth the stuffed belly!
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RE: Roast Beef North Shore Massachusetts style 2012/12/15 17:20:20 (permalink)
Quite an old thread but a classic one!  I'm in the process of assembling a tour of the best North Shore roast beef sandwiches, and I'd appreciate any current faves from the following towns:
Thanks in advance,   Chris
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RE: Roast Beef North Shore Massachusetts style 2012/12/15 17:46:05 (permalink)
Revere.....the original Kelly's on the beach
Beverly......Nick's on Rt. 1A
I used to live in Amesbury and I don't recall there being a roast beef place there or in Newburyport.  I could be very wrong too!
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RE: Roast Beef North Shore Massachusetts style 2012/12/15 18:10:46 (permalink)
Hey Chris, I got this recommendation from Cecif.  I haven't been there yet, but she called it the "best".
Alamo Roast Beef, in Medford Square, Medford
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RE: Roast Beef North Shore Massachusetts style 2018/04/14 16:58:49 (permalink)
the Bill and Bob's chain-remnants all over-my local one in on the Woburn/Winchester,MA line-good late night eats.

Went to the one in Woburn today!



I was up there picking up a repair job from Cambridge Typewriter, and now that I have roast beef firmly associated with Massachusetts in my mind, my decision for lunch was easy.
This is a "Big Roast Beef" with just mustard, horseradish, and onions. Louis' Lunch has taught me that good beef, whether ground, sliced, shaved, whatever, shouldn't need a lot of accents.

I was quite pleased. As with Kelly's, this was what I imagined Arby's serving back in the '60s and '70s before the processed-meat apocalypse. It was a little inconsistent in that some parts of it seemed juicy, while others were a bit dry, but, for me, that just emphasized its realism. And the meat was indeed good enough to not require many condiments.

Special mention must be made to the waffle fries, which were given to me in a separate bag. Ohh yeah. When you see a bag like this, you know what you're in for.



Can't help wishing a little bit that I'd grown up with places like this in close proximity.  All I had was post-apocalypse Arby's.
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RE: Roast Beef North Shore Massachusetts style 2018/04/14 17:43:00 (permalink)
Looks great. Not a fan of Mustard on roast beef.
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RE: Roast Beef North Shore Massachusetts style 2018/04/16 08:50:50 (permalink)
I drive from Maine to Cape Cod about once a month. At the top of the ramp from I95 to RT1 in Peabody is Sunrise Pizza. Roast beef sandwich a little better than  Kelly's further down RT1, a little bigger, and a few bucks cheaper. I stop there almost every trip.
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RE: Roast Beef North Shore Massachusetts style 2018/04/16 10:48:27 (permalink)
I've yet to set foot in Massachusetts but I like a good roast beef sandwich so one day I'll keep an eye out.  While Arby's ditched the real meat in the 70's, there is a small chain in St. Louis called Lion's Choice that does use real rare roast beef for it's sandwiches and I'm a fan.  They also have a component I prefer - au jus - and all you want of it.  I believe there are now around 15 locations.  They were in other states including one near me in the Chicago suburb of Warrenville around 15 years ago, but they have poor management when it comes to expansion. 
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