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Double Chili Cheeseburger
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Re: Thinking of Warmer Days Ahead for The Contingent- Honey Butter Fried Chicken-centered 2018/06/05 22:01:11 (permalink)
Here are a few of my pictures from last Saturday.
Stop No. 1: Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits
It was my first time at this Bang Bang location, and the first time I had tried any of their pies.


The biscuit was good. I didn't really like the butter much. I think someone said there was some lime added?

The key lime pie was quite good.

This chocolate malted pie was certainly one of the highlights of the day for me.

One of the lovely customers.

Stop No. 2: Redhot Ranch
A current Roadfood favorite, noted for their fried shrimp, smashed burgers and fries.

A really small little place.


I started with a hot dog, fries, and half a pound of shrimp. The hot dog came with the fries wrapped together in paper and in a paper bag. By the time I unwrapped it, the fries had already started to get soggy. I could just imagine how good they might be directly from the frier, and I wish they had had an option for those not getting takeout. Yes, the hot dog is there somewhere.

I really liked the shrimp and the sauce.


I went back for the cheeseburger, which was good.

I liked the smashed crispy edges. I think I should have skipped the tomato, which didn't add much.

The fantastic strawberry rhubarb bar was courtesy of none other than Bobbi "Pie Diva" Pfefferle. She had made it first thing in the morning before leaving from Wisconsin with Jim to join us. She is absolutely an artist.

Stop No. 3: Pizza y Pan Pa'Ya
This is a very interesting Columbian restaurant with terrific pizza. 

They have many, many options other than pizza.

I had a thin crust pepperoni, mushroom and onion, which I liked a lot, even though it was very salty.


Some of the group.



There were a few appetizers ordered, but I didn't have any. I did have a bite of a cheeseball, which was pretty good, but I didn't get a picture. Does that mean that I didn't actually have it?


Stop No. 4: Taqueria El Potosi
A fascinating, tiny little Mexican restaurant, with a tremendously varied menu.




Some more of the group.


A fine figure of a chicken.

A cute vintage sign.

My steak and ground beef tacos were very good. I was able to give away the extra ground beef taco.

Stop No. 5: Honey Butter Fried Chicken
I know this is a favorite of lots of people, but I have to say I didn't love it. I certainly didn't love the texture of the boneless chicken, and I've had much better fried chicken in many, many places. I liked the schmaltz mashed potatoes and pimento mac and cheese that I tasted. 




They do have a very nice outdoor patio.

My chocolate shake was way too sweet and didn't have a lot of chocolate flavor. I wonder actually if it was a vanilla shake, even though there wasn't one on the menu.

This was Jeff's order (to share!)

This was my order. I ate most of one piece of chicken, had one bite of one of the corn muffins, and some of the mashed potatoes.

It might not sound like it, but I had a great time participating in this day of indulgences. 
And, as a follow up, back at Redhot Ranch, Bobbi and Jim were passing out slices of pie from the Smoke/Pie Day that I had missed last week. I took the following collection of seven slices.

Bobbi identified them for me. They are: salt and vinegar; chocolate chip and toffee.

Coconut raisin treacle; ginger treacle.

Sticky toffee pudding; rhubarb custard.

Walnut scotch. As I said before, Bobbi is a true artist. Thank you so much. They were great!

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Re: Thinking of Warmer Days Ahead for The Contingent- Honey Butter Fried Chicken-centered 2018/06/05 22:07:27 (permalink)
Here are a few of my pictures from last Saturday.

"Guys, we really need to think about Baraboo for the 2019 Crawl!!"
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Re: Thinking of Warmer Days Ahead for The Contingent- Honey Butter Fried Chicken-centered 2018/06/06 00:26:07 (permalink)
If we're gonna do Baraboo, we might as well toss in The Dells.  Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty, here we come!
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