SF to Reno to SLC to Jackson

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2003/07/27 16:19:40 (permalink)

SF to Reno to SLC to Jackson

Hi - This is my first post. Next month we're driving from San Francisco to Reno to Salt Lake City to Jackson, WY. Any thoughts on good places to stop? We're totally spoiled SF Bay Area eaters and love almost everything!Thanks for your help.

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    RE: SF to Reno to SLC to Jackson 2003/07/27 23:30:37 (permalink)
    OK, let me try this again, I just crashed, as in my computer fell and couldn't get up. So much for technology taking over, it(is that
    phrase the personification of an inanimate object).

    As to your I-80 route. The following our my suggestions.

    Start late and eat at FLUER DE LYS in SF, one of my three all time favorite restaurants, the other two being, the Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas, and The Maisonette in Cincinnati. howvever I-80 doesn't get you you there, unless of course you change your plans and drop south.

    For Reno, if you are spending the night, then i would recommend LOUIS' BASQUE CORNER on East 4th St. Not the best Basco food in Nevada, but worthy of a stop.

    You'll either be seated at an individual table, or served family style, family style is the way to go because you get to meet and B.S. with different folks.

    Your meal will start out with soup (sort of a minestrone), then salad, pretty much iceberg lettuce w/ a oil and vinegar based dressing and of course bread. These are usually in a never ending supply,but don't over indulge. The entree will be something on the line of lam chops, lamb shanks, a ribeye ( my choice if I am craving beef), a T-bone or a N.Y. Strip. There will also be a seafood choice and perhaps a chicken dished offered. There will also be such things as sweetbreads, paella, oxtail stew, beef tongue, that just depends on what day you are there. Also included will be never ending bowls of french fries and basque beans. Also included will be a carafe of GREAT cheap red wine, the kind that I swear still has the grape skins in it, and what may be toe nail shreds from the stomping process. OK, maybe not that, but it is a pretty raw wine, but great stuff. You also will get ice cream, usually vanilla and coffee.

    The reason I said if you were spending the night in Reno is if you decided to have a picon punch or 3, or more. They will knock you on your butt. Therefore it is essential that you have a taxi to drive you to your place of sleep.

    For a more traditional Basque Hotel - Restuarant experience, drive a bit further to Winnemucca and go to the Martin.

    Between the two cities is Fernley, get off at exit 46, and go to Mary and Moes, aka the Wigwam, great breakfast and even better chicken fried steak w/ mashed potatoes, ask for extra gravy. However you will need to salt and pepper it. I must admit I have never met a chicken fried steak thay I didn't like. Thank god for heart attack on a plate.

    Back to the Reno area - for great, traditional mexican food there is BERTHA MIRANDAS in Sparks, I beleieve on Prater Way, and one on Mill street in Reno. Also dinner at the Coney Island Bar in Sparks on Prater way. I think they serve dinner on Thursdays, perhaps Wednesdays call them 775-358-6485.

    Further east on I-80 is Elko, try Stockmans, an old casino with good food.

    There are a couple of great bar dives in Battle Mountain as well.

    As to food in Utah, as a jack mormon I try to stay out of the state, as I am afraid that they will get me. ENJOY
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    RE: SF to Reno to SLC to Jackson 2003/07/30 13:04:40 (permalink)
    Great ideas about Nevada. We always have to stop in Wendover, because after that it's No-Man's land! Alright I give up, CCJPO. Is a jack mormon one who has been excommunicated, or reorganized, or just plain kinda' believes, but thinks they should be able to have more fun in life than eating tons of sugar? The wife deal seems like a pro & con deal. Does anyone want more than 1 mate? Could anyone stand having more than 1 mate?
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    RE: SF to Reno to SLC to Jackson 2003/07/30 14:18:23 (permalink)

    oh the best resturant in slc, ut is the market street grill ! there is one down town and a new one by little cotton wood canyon which is my favorite for the view is spectacular! you can get to it on the 215 going west take the exit that is labeled for the ski resortes and take a right and then your first right at the light and you will see it ! yum the best seafood in town it is a little pricey but worth it I would not miss it, the clam chowder is to die for
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    RE: SF to Reno to SLC to Jackson 2003/07/30 15:28:20 (permalink)
    For true REGIONAL cuisine in Salt Lake City I would recommend Johanna's Kitchen in Sandy, a suburb south of Salt Lake. Try their scones with honey butter, this is true regional cuisine unique to the area. Their website is www.johannaskitchen.com Also try Navajo Hogan in Salt Lake City . Go for their Indian Fry Bread, Navajo Tacos and Mutton stew. Their website is www.navajohogan.com
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    RE: SF to Reno to SLC to Jackson 2003/07/31 21:47:46 (permalink)
    Mr. VOSS

    A jack mormon, is a memeber of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, who, as you stated wants more fun out of life then eating tons of sugar. Jack's drink alcohol, smoke if they choose to, gamble, drink coffee and Pepsi, mormons aren't supposed to use caffine, however after the chucrh bought one of the largest Coke distributers in the world, all of a sudden in was OK to drink caffine, as long as it was Coke. Jack's also work in casinos, as good mormons aren't supposed to work in them if they have to touch the filthy lucre, although there are plenty of casino executives who are members of the LDS Church, as they don't really touch the money, as would a dealer or change person, etc. Go figure.

    As to the wife thing, I was lucky enough to find one that would keep me, I don't think there is another one out there that would want me. And why would they? Any way that is a double edged sword, and I know that I would be on both sides of the blade.

    Why does a non-mormon who fishes with mormons always take two mormons on the fishing trip?

    Cause if he only took one, he/she would drink all the beer.
    (other non-alcohol using groups can be substituted)

    Now I know I am going to hell. Actually I can't. That is one of the great parts of the religion, sort of like how catholics can be absolved of all sins relatively quickly.

    OK, now I am definatly going to catch some manure
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    RE: SF to Reno to SLC to Jackson 2003/08/01 13:11:20 (permalink)
    stop at Ikeda in Auburn, about half way to Reno. It is a great fruit stand/market with lots of homemade goodies, and has a diner attached with good burgers and fries. Good place to atock up on pinic items and snacks. It is on the East side of I80, just off the freeway.
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