Sad Day for the Lower East Side

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Re:Sad Day for the Lower East Side 2009/08/18 21:21:26 (permalink)
The thread mentions pickles made from tomato and peppers and cukes.  Are all of these intended for refrigerated storage until use?  Wouls anyone comment on the luck I might have trying to take some home on the plane with me, provided always that the TSA will let me take jars of pickles on the plane.  I  figure an hour to the airport, an hour to board, a three hour flight and probably two hours to  reach my home at the other end.
Will I have anything worth eating after seven hours?
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Re:Sad Day for the Lower East Side 2009/08/19 11:21:46 (permalink)
I suspect that your biggest issue will be that the pickles (or tomatoes, or peppers, etc.) are usually picked with some of the liquid.  The pickles are fine...the liquid is a no-no for carry-on luggage.  Theoretically, you could check your pickles, but you would REALLY need to make sure that they were securely packed or you will end up with a mess.
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Re:Sad Day for the Lower East Side 2009/08/19 12:45:38 (permalink)
If your luggage is hard-surface and you can bubble wrap the bottles then use baggies to (hopefully) contain any 'broken stuff' from ruining you clothing...we lost some stuff one time trying to ship a bottle of homemade Apricot Preserves in our checked luggage some years back.  One of the reasons we tend to drive rather than fly, is that we collect stuff like pickles and sauces as we go!
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