Sad News

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2017/11/06 17:42:52 (permalink)

Sad News

My well known affection for Springfield, IL has dimmed.  During a recent visit, I learned my dear friend Donald "Dr. of BBQ" Jackson had died.  The Dr. was a regular poster here on Roadfood, mostly in the Restaurant Professionals Forum.  He was an outspoken defender of the rights of small business, and a frequent critic of government overregulation against same.
He led a colorful life and held an interesting and varied string of jobs.  Besides playing basketball for the U.S. Navy in the early '60s (his headstone says he served in Vietnam but he never mentioned it to me in conversations about his service), he delved into, what has been described as, a "‘colorful’ venture into the fireworks industry"; not just to earn a living, but also as an active protest against what he considered Illinois’ backward and restrictive fireworks laws.
Jack, as his friends called him, was also heavily involved in Illinois politics and even had a long running conservative radio call-in show.  Going by the name "One Eyed Jack" (yup, he had a glass eye), he was best known for making some pretty outrageous statements and an unapologetic sense of humor.
As many of you know, Jack and I were at opposite ends of the political spectrum.  But we never let that get in the way of our friendship. We first met through Roadfood and bonded long before either of us knew where the other stood politically. Once that cat was out of the bag, we both loved to talk politics and always respected each other's views.  Our mutual joke was that we wouldn't give up our friendship for all nine seats on the Supreme Court.
He was particularly at odds with my wife’s views (even further left than mine), but still loved her and always preempted an argument by saying, "I think you’re dead wrong, but I know your heart is in the right place."  We never left town without him giving her a parting hug.
I’ll always remember Jack as one of the most generous people I've ever known.  We only saw him a few times a year as we passed through town on our way to somewhere else, but he always fed us plenty of his outstanding barbecue, then loaded us up with more to take on the road.
We were lucky enough to join him for dinner last December, right before the New Year.  But it breaks my heart that we’ll never have another chance for a friendly debate over a Gabatoni's pizza and a beer.
Jack, my friend, you will be sorely missed on our future trips through Springfield.  I hope you're setting 'em straight up in Heaven. I think they need a guy like you to liven things up a bit!
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    Re: Sad News 2017/11/06 17:51:04 (permalink)
    That is sad news.  I always enjoyed his posts on RF.
    Uncle Groucho
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    Re: Sad News 2017/11/06 17:57:24 (permalink)
    I really enjoyed reading his Honest Words. Rip.
    He was pretty sharp , and he loved Corvettes.
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    Re: Sad News 2017/11/06 17:58:38 (permalink)
    Rest in Peace.
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    Re: Sad News 2017/11/06 18:55:44 (permalink)
    Another legend down. The forum will be lessened by his absence.
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    Re: Sad News 2017/11/06 19:48:42 (permalink)
    I was wondering just today why he was never on anymore. Will be much missed.
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    Re: Sad News 2017/11/06 20:48:52 (permalink)
    We met Jack in November, 2008.  It was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving so he wasn't running at full capacity, but he did have a turkey on.

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    Re: Sad News 2017/11/06 22:23:05 (permalink)
    Rest in Peace ... Doctor
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    Re: Sad News 2017/11/07 02:11:28 (permalink)
    Thanks for posting that picture of the Doc in action.  I think ChiTownDiner may have a shot or two of Jack with his "GrillZilla" creation; turning a commercial double walled steam vat into a brilliant high tech grill.
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    Re: Sad News 2017/11/07 07:07:17 (permalink)
    Spent a few sessions in the trailer enjoying conversation and bbq.  He was a regular on my drives to STL to visit my son.  Always, always, an enlightening conversationalist.  While we didn't explore the depths as Buddy may have, we did have a great time together.  You stood tall in life, you stand taller in our memories.  Til we meet again Jack!  
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    Re: Sad News 2017/11/07 07:41:49 (permalink)
    Rest In Peace Sir...
    Fire Safety Admin
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    Re: Sad News 2017/11/07 09:21:01 (permalink)
    Sorry for loss of your friend Buddy.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jack one time and he was indeed a terrific guy who will be sorely missed.
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    Re: Sad News 2017/11/07 12:18:17 (permalink)
    I always enjoyed his posts. 
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    Re: Sad News 2017/11/07 12:34:35 (permalink)
    I don't remember much about him or his posts, but I know Buddy mentioned him quite a bit...

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    Re: Sad News 2017/11/07 13:27:06 (permalink)
    Jack was a hard working street vendor. I'll miss our phone chats about comparing business practices. Jack will be missed by all who knew and loved him.
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