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2003/03/24 16:21:27 (permalink)


Ruby Tuesday's has the BEST salad bar! Everything is real fresh and there's a big assortment of items. I ate there Saturday and it was fabulous!

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    RE: Salads 2003/03/24 16:55:58 (permalink)
    I got an early present from Ruby's salad bar on the eve of my 35th birthday---food poisoning!!
    A friend and I were Christmas shopping and stopped by around 10pm. Something with mayonnaise was sitting too long and did me in---even the mall pizza would have been a better choice.

    It's not bad for a chain salad bar---but after what I went through, it's a permanent boycott.

    Michael Stern
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    RE: Salads 2003/03/24 19:49:43 (permalink)
    I feel your pain ... in fact, I have felt your pain a few times in my career. That's one reason I generally avoid do-it-yourself salad bars unless it's early and I'm the first person in line. There's no guarantee, but I much prefer a clean cafeteria.
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    RE: Salads 2003/03/24 21:26:55 (permalink)
    This is the reason I'm usually leary of Buffet lines ...
    Too much time spend working in the food industry, with a background in public health
    Filet Mignon
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    RE: Salads 2003/03/25 11:44:58 (permalink)
    Best salads around are from a chain called Sweet Tomatoes. Absolutely the freshest and best presented food you'll see. They also have soups and pasta.
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    RE: Salads 2003/03/25 22:04:02 (permalink)
    Hey if you think what you just ate might give you a case of the RIPE BELLY try 3 garlic tablets after the meal works for me .
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    RE: Salads 2006/05/31 13:56:12 (permalink)
    Originally posted by Parses6

    Hate to admit it, but Wendy's BLT salad is pretty damn good

    I seriously doubt you "hate to admit it" considering your endearment to fast food chains. But, I'd agree that I'd go for a Wendy's salad before getting a salad bar any more. Although, I've had very good experiences in the past from Ruby Tuesday's salad bar. But right now, I'm not into buffets.

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