Salt Lake City?

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2003/05/07 15:56:59 (permalink)

Salt Lake City?

I'm going to be in Salt Lake City for a few days at the end of June (as a first-timer). Any suggestions for "must try" places to eat?

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    RE: Salt Lake City? 2003/05/07 16:15:10 (permalink)
    The pickings are fairly slim. I usually eat at Market Street Grill for fantastic seafood. It is not roadfood, just good food:

    + 2985 East 6580 South, Salt Lake City UT 84121; Tel. 801.942.8860
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    RE: Salt Lake City? 2003/05/07 16:18:03 (permalink)
    Originally posted by Pilar McAdam

    I'm going to be in Salt Lake City for a few days at the end of June (as a first-timer). Any suggestions for "must try" places to eat?

    Go to Johanna's Kitchen in Sandy Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake for breakfast scones in the morning. These aren't the typical scones you find at Starbucks or any of the other Coffee Houses. It's more like fried dough and usually comes with Honey Butter. There is also another local franchise called the sconecutter which specializes in scones. Scones are a Utah specialty. Also go to any local burger joint and get french fries with "fry sauce". Fry sauce is a combination of mayo, ketchup and other ingredients and can be very addicting. Finally go to Navajo Hogan for their Navajo Tacos and Mutton Stew. I believe all three of the places I mentioned have web sites. Good Luck!
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    RE: Salt Lake City? 2003/05/10 13:58:45 (permalink)
    The two previous recommendations are good: Market Street and Johanna's, although they *are* quite different and tend toward the opposite ends of the "fancy" spectrum.

    If you're downtown, you might want to try the street corner taco vendors that have sprouted up over the last few years. Just ask a local for directions.
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    RE: Salt Lake City? 2003/05/12 10:13:40 (permalink)
    The website for sconecutter is
    the website for johanna's kitchen is
    the website for navajo hogan is
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    RE: Salt Lake City? 2003/05/12 12:38:14 (permalink)
    Musts in SLC? The Red Iguana, is an energetic Mexican place. I love the Chicken Mole Amarillo, but you really can not go wrong with anything on the menu, it really is a local treasure. It can get busy most nights but especially on weekends, with people lined up out the door. I am also fond of Canella's a small family run Italian eatery. It is open for lunch specializing mainly in sandwiches and pasta. Their Italian meatball or sausage sandwiches are the main draw. They are also open Thursday-Saturday evenings for dinner and entrees are in the $9 to $13 range. The price includes an appetizer plate of provolone cheese, grapes, breadsticks, peppers; followed by a salad and lastly garlic bread served with the entree, a bargain.(Bring your own bottle of wine, one of the quirks of Utah, not enough time to explain. I usually opt for the basic meatballs and spaghetti, but their menu is extensive with about 8 specials listed nightly on the chalkboard. For breakfast,I like the nothing fancy options of The Otherplace, a Greek restaurant, where I usually order their french toast,four large thick slices, they also have inexpensive lunches and dinners; or the Over-the-Counter Restaurant, in the suburban Millcreek area. They offer standard breakfast fare and good basic omlettes. Tony Caputo's deli is a great place to have lunch and people watch on weekdays it is more leisurely paced on weekends with shorter lines.If you are coming on an unlimited expense account, then I would suggest Log Haven up Millcreek Canyon, wonderful food, wonderful wine,and a wonderful alpine mountain setting.It definitely will cost you more than the standard roadfood pocket change. The local weekly rag, The "City Weekly" did their "Best of" issue the first of April and you might want to check them out on the web for additional eating options.
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    RE: Salt Lake City? 2003/05/12 20:01:42 (permalink)
    We loved Hires Big H which was reviewed in Roadfood. It has wonderful burgers, excellent frosty root beer. The shakes are awesome as are the fries.
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    RE: Salt Lake City? 2004/12/03 18:57:00 (permalink)
    Okay, here's my Salt Lake report:

    It includes Hires Big H, Crown Burgers, and Red Iguana. Enjoyed all three. Red Iguana is a very good Mexican restaurant. Great value. Crown Burgers wins out for me on the burger battle, but both were good. But how can you beat this, the Crown Burger:

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