Sausage on Pizza

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RE: Sausage on Pizza 2008/01/30 12:24:02 (permalink)
Rule of pizza thumb: Whatever Domino's uses, go the opposite way. Ergo, Domino's uses rabbit pellet-style "sausage crumbles," so real sausage slices ala NYC has to be the way to go.

Also, don't forget, pizza parlors using real sausage on their pizzas are 98 percent likely to offer a tasty Italian sausage-and-peppers hero to go with it. One caveat: If you are ever served a hamburger-style "sausage patty" on one of these, run screaming.
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RE: Sausage on Pizza 2008/01/31 10:12:59 (permalink)
Never liked the crumbles, in my opinion they seem to be tastless and burnt. The rabbit pelletts being the worst of them. I do like sliced and the pinched no casing style. The later seems to be juicey and full of flavor even more then the thin sliced.

I have the same thought on eggplant. I love eggplant and garlic on a pizza,but only if t he eggplant is chopped. Some places put a slab of eggplant on each slice and I find that tougher to eat. I think the slab is not fried so it is still a bit stringy, but the chopped always seems to be prefired and then chopped and put on the pie.
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