Savannah ~Charleston

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2003/09/20 11:47:20 (permalink)

Savannah ~Charleston

Short trip--best choices?

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    RE: Savannah ~Charleston 2003/09/20 14:00:44 (permalink)
    For a lunch one day, try Jestine's. Southern, home-style type of cooking. A little touristy but good.

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    RE: Savannah ~Charleston 2003/09/20 20:09:52 (permalink)
    I would second the recommendation for Jestine's in Charleston. Agreed, it is a little touristy, but I enjoyed it none the less - especially the cocacola cake (Yum).
    A few other ideas in Charleston - one would be Hymans (I think thats the right spelling). Hymans has great seafood, but is also known as a tourist hang out. It typically gets very busy, so I suggest you go early if you plan to eat there. I've dined there several times, and would have to say 90% of the time it has been excellent (There was one time were they seemed to have an off night, but what place doesnt).
    A somewhat more out of the way seafood place would be the Anchorline. Its actually out toward Folley Beach, a suburb of Charleston. The anchorline is a walk up to a counter and order yourself a paper plate full of fried seafood type of place. I love the food there, and try to visit each time I make it over that way. The building reminds me of an old bait store - I like that type of surrounding, but some people like things a bit fancier.
    This site also lists some great stops in Charleston, and since they will cover it much better than I could, Ill forgo talking much about them. The Seewee cafe about 40 miles north of Charleston is great (though may be a bit out of your way). If this site's write up doesnt sell you on it, nothing will .

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    RE: Savannah ~Charleston 2003/09/21 07:39:27 (permalink)
    Savannah is one of my favorite cities! Nice dinner (excellent food and service): "The Pink House" (I've been here.)
    Casual Italian dinner: excellent food,service and atmosphere and prices: "Bella's" out of town ("midtown") in a strip mall but was recommended by our B&B hosts was excellent serving 8 of us w/out reservations!
    Greek Dinner: Olympia...again excellent! Along the river walk! Some of the best Greek food we've ever had!
    "Lady and Sons": supposed to be great lunch or dinner. We haven't been there but will eventually!(down town)
    "Nita's": for "soul food" again, haven't been there but supposed to be great buy and great food! (down town). Haven't been here either but have it on "to do" list! has "Best of" section which is where you'll find these suggestions. Please post later where you found to be great!
    STAY AWAY FROM: "Mrs. Wilkes"...I took 8 people there,having built it up from previous wonderful experiences! (Mrs. Wilkes died Oct. 2002 I believe.)We had a TERRIBLE experience,(Dec. 2002) being VERY rushed and herded,not being served the "ribs" that were to be served that day...etc. etc. So I stopped and spoke w/ "the owner" and she...let's say...did not handle the complaint very well at all!! Certainly NEVER even appologized!!! (My friends also stood there telling her the same complaints!)Anyway...I went "home" and wrote a letter to her and NEVER got so much as a response! End of "Mrs. Wilkes" for us!
    Don't want to end on a negative note: Savannah dining is fantastic! You can find anything you want there! But go to helpful! Happy eating! KokomoJoe
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    RE: Savannah ~Charleston 2003/09/23 08:34:41 (permalink)
    Just wanted to point out that there is a topic further down in this forum about Savannah that you might read if you haven't seen that yet. It has some good tips.

    Charleston is a very neat town with plenty of good low country food. I ate at a place called Magnolia's Cafe there--right downtown, and it was excellent.
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    RE: Savannah ~Charleston 2003/09/23 13:13:04 (permalink)
    Try the "Trawler" just across the bridge from Charleston in Mt. Pleasant, SC for great seafood (best crab dip that I ever had)
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    RE: Savannah ~Charleston 2003/10/06 16:28:41 (permalink)
    In Charleston: you HAVE to try Hanks Seafood and order the Shrimp and Grits. This might be kinda high end...but I had this dish over 3 years ago and can't stop dreaming of it!!!
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    RE: Savannah ~Charleston 2003/10/06 17:50:52 (permalink)
    I also recommend Jestine's Kitchen. You gotta love a place that serves peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Very tasty sandwiches, I might add.

    I would also check out the Wreck at Shem Creek. The Sterns have a review of it on the site. A great restaurant, one of Charleston's best-kept secrets. The she-crab soup is amazing.
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    RE: Savannah ~Charleston 2003/10/07 14:23:59 (permalink)
    Best lunch buffet hands down is at Lady and Sons in Savannah. For upscale dinner in Savannah, Elizabeth's on 37th is excellent.
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    RE: Savannah ~Charleston 2003/10/28 16:09:16 (permalink)
    Originally posted by Morehous

    Short trip--best choices?

    Thanks to all who replied. Tried Olde Pink (drinks), Elizabeth on 37th, Sapphire Grill, Crab Shack, Shrimp Shack in/around Savannah. Hanks, Hominy Grill, Jestine's, Peninsula Grill, Magnolia's, Vickery's, 82 Queen, and Poogan's Porch in Charleston. High points: Peninsula Grill dinner of iceberg lettuce w buttermilk dressing, quail, coconut cake. 82 Queen enjoyed lunch at the bar on a rainy day, had wonderful shrimp & grits with a good glass of wine. Hanks for seafood. Jestine's. Hominy Grill for breakfast. Departed before some of the posts came in, will have to try those another time. A quote from a local "never eat at a place with shack in the name", proved true.
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    RE: Savannah ~Charleston 2003/10/29 21:09:58 (permalink)
    Gotta say for a really great breakfast if you get a chance to head to Tybee Island out of Savannah THE BREAKFAST CLUB is wonderful! Their homemade sausage is worth the 15 minute drive from Savannah! I just ate there this last Saturday morning and I was sorry I had not gone every morning. Tangos on Tybee Island is also a nice change from low country cooking. The Breakfast Club is where all the locals eat, try to sit at the counter it is the spot to be entertained.
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