School Pizza

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RE: School Pizza 2007/02/20 22:08:15 (permalink)
Originally posted by jjjrfoodie

We've got a "roach coach" lunch vendor in the quilted truck that sells the individual slices of the school sausage pizza cold everyday. Bought a slice and took it home for a late snack last week. I'll ask where he finds it and what brand it is.


School pizza for lunch today. Vendor says he buys it from the local commmisary, but my guess is contact any of the major food distributors in your area and they can hook you up. Trust me. Cooked pics tomorrow.

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RE: School Pizza 2007/07/12 14:18:17 (permalink)
I have a friend whose wife is a teacher at a high school. Every now and then she scores us a case of the "mexican" type pizza (the hexagonal ones). They are ok. But like video games that you loved as a kid and try and replay, they didnt live up to my memory.
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RE: School Pizza 2007/07/13 20:14:54 (permalink)
I have to be honest If you have read any of my posts I am the same as all of you. Well traveled in food. BUT I LOVE SCHOOL PIZZA, SCHOOL PIZZA BREAD all of it. When we were kids we used to put mustard on it. My wife's mother works in a school cafeteria and she brings me home school pizza whenever I want. I still love it.
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RE: School Pizza 2008/01/15 12:23:04 (permalink)
Its all here enjoy... Boy
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Re:School Pizza 2009/03/23 16:24:50 (permalink)
Hmm those slices almost look like real food. I remember my grade school's came with crust that was squishy and about an inch thick. 

All I needed to see on that recipe was "pourable crust". :X 
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Re:School Pizza 2009/06/08 11:56:41 (permalink)
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Re:School Pizza 2009/06/08 22:52:35 (permalink)
Did anyone ever have the "pizza burgers" that essentially looked like a sloppy joe?  I've looked all over trying to find a recipe to emulate that with no luck.
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RE: School Pizza 2009/06/09 00:15:10 (permalink)
Not to go off the pizza topic, but doe anyone remember those "soy bean Hamburgers" with the fake grill marks on them back in the 70's???  They were great, served in our school cafeteria. (of course everything tasted good as a ten year old)
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RE: School Pizza 2009/06/11 15:57:34 (permalink)
 I am free from school pizza until August 7th, it seemed like we had pizza for lunch 15 times the month of May, but then those were cleaning out the freezer days.  We still have soy bean hamburgers, a lunch item that I just cannot eat. 
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Re:School Pizza 2009/06/12 09:52:58 (permalink)
The original pizza I used to get at school was more like sloppy joe with a crust or meat lasagna.  Sometimes I even seem to remember it having american cheese on it

It was, to adapt a phrase, something almost but not quite entirely unlike pizza.

Later on they got more pizza like, with mozzarella (and some with pepperoni too). 

Steve Wynn
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RE: School Pizza 2009/08/26 16:37:04 (permalink)
Some of the schools around Northwester Ohio use Tony's Pizza with is owned by Schwann Foods
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RE: School Pizza 2009/08/26 19:30:44 (permalink)
  I remember that they had a puffy crust, almost tasteless sauce, and a mix of white and yellow cheeses. I was on the free lunch program and I ate it because it was the only thing to eat.

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RE: School Pizza 2009/08/27 15:00:49 (permalink)
Loved the school pizza during the '80s. Had a friend who was allergic to the fennel seeds so he kept the crust and gave me all the cheap cheesy goodness that was the topping. yum.
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RE: School Pizza 2009/09/03 21:14:17 (permalink)
that appears to be the prefab school pizza that we had when i was in high school, but you overcooked it.. our school only baked it long enough to melt the cheese, not brown it.

I used to like it slightly browned.

My school had the same type of pizza and they served it with a simple tossed salad with a choice of dressing (always went with Italian).

They also had great meatball heroes (hero roll was crusty yet chewy and the sauce was a perfect blend of spices; half the time it was served with a small amount of mozz on the side) and chicken nuggets (served with white rice that must've had a small amount of chicken stock or butter added into it because it was delicious)

The worst item they had was their "multi-colored grilled cheese sandwiches". Barf. But it usually was served with a pretty good minestrone...
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RE: School Pizza 2010/01/13 22:05:50 (permalink)
Ok I only joined because so many people have been in the same position as me. I have found some great leads on the search for this


This is the GOOD pizza that seemed to be fed to everyone for 50 years.

Now, with that being said.

The pepperoni pizza that many of the younger forum members (Class of '06 here) may be searching for is called:

Tony's "Pizza With Fat Reduced Pepperoni"
Food Services Direct - Tony's Pepperoni Lunch Pizza

I don't recall anyone mentioning the breakfast pizza but it was equally good. IMHO, better.  It can be found at
Food Services Direct - Tony's Breakfast Sausage Pizza

They also carry the breakfast style pizza that has eggs and uses gravy as pizza sauce. That was a special treat we only got maybe

twice. I know my food though, and I remember it very well and it was GOOOODDD.
Food Services Direct - Tony's Bacon Scramble Breakfast Pizza

There is a 3 case minimum order and shipping is STEEP! (like 100$)  So your best bet is to look through your phone and find

a good buddy that can order through Sysco foods service because they carry these products and the prices may surprise you. I got

great deals. What I have done is get the product # through FSD and my best friend's brother in law owns a BBQ stand and can order

through Sysco.

Anyway, I hope I have helped someone!!! If anyone has an idea of how to find the Fennel Seed Sausage Pizza I would be very

interested.  I have not stopped looking so if I happen to stumble across it I will report strait back to this forum.

Oh, I almost forgot.

My name is Dustin. I'm 22. I'm happily married, I'm a Kawasaki mechanic and I love food.

Ahi Mpls.
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RE: School Pizza 2010/01/15 18:34:10 (permalink)
  Welcome onyxriddle/Dustin...  While I personally enjoyed our sausage-fennel "pizza"  while in grade school I have to believe that even if I found the exact same pizza nowadays it most likely would have only nostalgic appeal..... sigh, Sometimes you really CAN'T go home again.    
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RE: School Pizza 2010/01/15 18:37:04 (permalink)
Oh, how I hated those school rectangular pizzas.  I think posted I this way back when, but I'm pretty sure they're waiting for you at Sam's Club. 
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RE: School Pizza 2010/01/19 15:35:33 (permalink)
I remember my school used to even do "breakfast pizzas", which was basically just like the lunch pizza but instead of marinara sauce it would be some kinda of gross white creamy sauce under the cheese and eggs would be on it with the sausage.  I liked the lunch pizzas though.
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RE: School Pizza 2010/01/19 15:50:01 (permalink)
I don't remember pizza in school. Talking about square pizza reminds me of Beto's pizza in Pittsburgh.
It was OK but I wasn't thrilled. I talked to Beto in the early 80's at the Pleasant Hills shop.
He finally drifted into his inventions of golfing and he could not get a liqueur license at that spot.
His son took over whatever was left. I also talked to him about pizza dough. His dough was bready, and
less like real pizza dough. There are places that serve by the slice. The ONLY way to serve
by the slice is first partly cook the pizza, then do final cook just before it handed to the buyer, otherwise its soggy and stale.

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RE: School Pizza 2011/06/19 01:54:25 (permalink)
OMG everybody,
I have been following your posts for a few years. I could have gotten the school pizza through Nardone's in PA but the shipping to Arizona was $245. The pizza was only $55. I couldn't justify the cost, even though it comes out to about $3 per slice, for just a craving.
So, I moved on to Schwan's. They have the Tony's Pizza supplied to schools, like Nardones. Nobody in my area (or my state?) carries it, so Schwan's referred me to local distributors. I emailed a few of them and hope to hear back next week. I will let you all know. I didn't see any reference to the fennel seed but imagine that the sausage will contain the fennel seeds? Schwan's also carries the octogon or hexagon fiesta pizza so many of you have mentioned. They have photos and everything. You just have to go through the 36 pages of pizza they carry. Tony's is carried in Walmart here but it's the round and not the institutional type we are looking for.
If all else fails, I have a friend who is good friends with his Schwan's guy and has been receiving deliveries from him for about 10 years, so I might have to get a special order through that guy. I will definitely let you all know.
Just for the heck of it, I'm going to make that Iowa pizza the lunch lady gave the recipe for.
I've enjoyed searching and reading your posts for years now and finally feel close.
Jennifer in Arizona (onebad69)
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RE: School Pizza 2011/06/19 11:09:10 (permalink)
My wife and I do a Birthday cake for all the kids that have a birthday during that month. We serve cake to about 80 to 100 kids per month. The kids bring their trays to the table with Pizza, salads, hamburgers, whatever. When my wife and I see the pizza we both say, hey that doesn't look bad, we would eat that for lunch. Of course my 10 year old is to good for that, she has to bring her own lunch..............pnwc
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RE: School Pizza 2011/06/19 16:30:23 (permalink)
I used to buy cases of school pizza from US Food Service. Check with them, if they're in your area.
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Re:School Pizza 2011/08/04 04:59:22 (permalink)
I attended Tara Elementary School in Jonesboro, Georgia (Clayton County Public Schools) between 1989 and 1994. A recipe that I so desperately need is their square pizza recipe. I remember going to school so excited on days that I knew we were going to have pizza. I remember that it always a rectangle shape and it was always delicious. Please I need someone's help in locating the recipe and/or the company that the school system gets them from. I willing to pay for the recipe. Also, I will never forget the days that I would show up extra early for school because during breakfast they would sometimes serve what they called a breakfast pizza. I remember that it was always a smaller rectangular shape. It had sausage and cheese on top. In place of the pizza sauce, it tasted like they used some delicious gravy sauce instead. I would always go back through the line for seconds. I am desperate for this recipe as well.
...I am very tempted to go back to my old elementary school and see if I can speak with the Cafeteria Manager in regards to getting these 
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RE: School Pizza 2011/10/26 12:07:08 (permalink)

As I said before, my school pizza rocked. Finally found the recipe and made it tonight. I posted it under recipes, here is the link:


hey, your link dosent work, is there any possibility that you can PM, or email me the recipie for the school classic taco or feistada pizza?
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RE: School Pizza 2011/10/26 13:28:15 (permalink)
Don't remember pizza in school either. Of course, that was back when the dinosaurs roamed in the 1960s to1974. I work for a school district,and I think mine used to get pizzas from Tony's via White Swan or Sysco or some other food company.Don't know whose pizza they use now, but when I have gotten lunch from the high school cafeteria across the street from our offices,the pizza never looks that great,mainly what it is cheap food.
As a kid though I used to love the enchiladas and such at James Madison Elementary in San Antonio on Wednesdays.
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