Selling Pizza Restaraunt Business

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2006/09/23 12:37:02 (permalink)

Selling Pizza Restaraunt Business

Hello All,

I do know this is not a restaurant for sale type of thread however, I was wondering what would be the best method of selling my restauratn, without going through a broker. I am looking to sell my restaurnt in the metro phoenix, az area.

Please advice

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    RE: Selling Pizza Restaraunt Business 2006/09/23 13:02:00 (permalink)
    Place an ad in your local papers classified section (business for sale or business opportunity section).
    You may also want to advertise in papers in the state with larger populations. Also could run an ad in the Restraunts and Institutions magazine.
    Just noticed it was a Pizza biz, try advertising in Pizza Today also (

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    RE: Selling Pizza Restaraunt Business 2006/09/23 15:56:55 (permalink)
    I bet there are many business for sale type web sites. Vic's pizza site idea is a good one.
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    RE: Selling Pizza Restaraunt Business 2006/09/25 15:02:08 (permalink)
    unanil - a good site to sell your business is,

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    RE: Selling Pizza Restaraunt Business 2006/09/26 10:34:42 (permalink)
    hey uanil, i am in the same boat. i have been trying to sell for a year, and its tough. we tried all the websites, and news-presses, an dhad tons of respondants, but not yet sold. recently, we enlisted a broker. sunbelt industries. they only charge when and if they sell, and the pre-screen all applicants. that, was music to my ears. we simply added their fee,(12k min) to the asking price.
    good luck!
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    RE: Selling Pizza Restaraunt Business 2006/09/26 16:15:39 (permalink)
    Only half the picture is where and how you list your restaurant for sale ... Just as important to attracting potential buyers is something that can be summed up in two words .... "good will"

    Regardless of how you get the info out there, one of the biggest selling points is going to be the "good will" that you have developed ... and that will be a big part of what your selling price is based on.

    These are things like:

    Repeat residential business ... you should be able to provide a "study" of sorts, with numbers attached, illustrating your "dedicated, repeat customership". Look thru your orders and match by any number of ways ... first of course just by phone number (repeat orders from a number) ... by geographic area using zip code, street address and/or phone number prefix (if this helps illustrate the areas your business comes from).
    Also though not exactly "good will" per se, illustrating your sales by time, day-of-the-week, promotion etc will be similar attractive figures for a purchaser to see.
    An excel spreadsheet can help with sorting and compiling such information. Also illustrating your business by dots on a street map (whether computerized or by hand) will be an attractive and useful illustration of sales and/or repeat business.

    Your exposure in the community ... charity work if any; participation in any community events; sponsorships; little-league teams sponsored etc etc.

    a report which illustrates your commercial/business customers... similar to the 'repeat residential business' above, but with businesses. You might even "juice-up" your apparent business clientele numbers by sending over free pizza and/or hot breadstix to local companies as an incentive to get their business ... particularly any company in the sales business, stockbrokerages, computer and copier sales, also doctors offices etc..

    As far as actually where to list your restaurant for sale, I don't have any specific suggestion except that you might considering calling up every pizza-restaurant (and similar) owner in the area and offer your restuarant for purchase before any broker becomes involved.
    Finally, even without a broker, don't forget to always retain a good business attorney with experience in restaurant sales when selling.

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    RE: Selling Pizza Restaraunt Business 2006/09/27 09:43:21 (permalink)
    Another idea would be send a cover letter to every shop in your town, showing your intent to sell. Maybe someone in your neck of the woods has plans on expansion..
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    RE: Selling Pizza Restaraunt Business 2006/09/29 18:13:33 (permalink)
    I am not a restaurant owner (caterer/mobile vendor) but I think maybe the broker might be worth bassrocker said include any fees in the asking price.

    I am just wondering how many folks outside of phoenix would be interested in your business? There should be plenty of interest in a very large city like phoenix.

    Just my opinion :)
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