Senior Citizen Discount Cards

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2006/03/27 15:33:46 (permalink)

Senior Citizen Discount Cards

Has anyone seen an increase in Senior Citizen Dining after introducing a discount card or an "Early Bird Special"?

Is it a big reason to dine at a place for non-owners?

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    RE: Senior Citizen Discount Cards 2006/03/27 16:26:02 (permalink)
    I have belonged to several discount plans over the years. The most recent one was hooked to my Visa card so that when I used that card at member restaurants I got 25% off. It did cause me to try places I probably wouldn't have otherwise. Being a creature of habit, I tned to eat at places I'm familiar with and not branch out to new places as much as I should and the savings caused me to do that.

    As far as "Early Bird Specials", I eat when I want to eat. If I can take advantage of a special, that's fine, but it doesn't lure me in. In places like FL where there are large concentrations of seniors, though, it does seem to pack them in at an earlier hour. How many would show up anyway I can't say.
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    RE: Senior Citizen Discount Cards 2006/03/27 17:08:45 (permalink)
    I think both can help. Some families who can't afford to go out much might come in early. (maybe a slow time for you) Or people who for whatever reason are looking for extra value.
    Some restaurants have a senior night on their slowest night. That seems to work for them.
    On a another note, If you are not in a metro area I wouldn't do the 2 for 1 entertainment book type thing. When I use those we always order appetizers or desserts we would not have tried otherwise and have drinks and tip on the original amount. But talking to business owners/servers we are rare. They say it's more of an ad than a money maker because most people have nothing else,have tap water,and tip on the lower amount.
    PS... Let's see how long we can keep this serious for Dr.Smoke
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    RE: Senior Citizen Discount Cards 2006/03/27 18:19:05 (permalink)
    Many early bird specials are also smaller portions, although many seniors cannot afford to eat out often, they also dont have a large appetite. Sometimes it cost's more to cook something at home, so its easier to take advantage of specials like that.
    My mom and step dad were that way, and it behooved them to utilize the smaller portions, since mom barely ate anything at all.
    They had plenty of money, but it was more of a pain for him to cook for her, since she had Alzheimers, and could not anymore.
    (God rest her soul..)
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