Shake A Pudd'n

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2004/08/24 14:34:32 (permalink)

Shake A Pudd'n

Who remembers SHAKE A PUDD'N??
It was a pudding mix that you shake..Made by Royal..searching for a box, pack, anything pertaining to this product for my vintage food/drink/candy collection..

How about Mr. Wiggle made Jello, strange flavors like Candyball Cherry and Lollipop Lime..

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    RE: Shake A Pudd'n 2004/08/24 15:37:37 (permalink)
    Yes, I remember Shake A Pudd'n. It was the one of the ultimate "Play with your Food" items as shown on TV commercials between Saturday morning cartoons. We begged our mom to get some for us when we went grocery shopping, but her frugality and suspicion of foods-not-made-from-scratch meant we had to stick to boxed, stove-cooked pudding.
    Not to be thwarted, my little sister (she was about 5, I was about 10) and I decided to make our own Shake A Pudd'n of sorts with Nestle's Quick, milk, and ice cream in a tall plastic insulated tumbler with another shorter insulated plastic cup serving as the cap/top since it overlapped all of a quarter inch, we felt we had a safe seal between the two.
    We went into the hallway (of our "new" house) and preceded to play "Shake A Pudd'n" which probably looked like we were dancing "the Monkey" with a cocktail shaker. Mine was coming along pretty nicely when my little sister's flew apart splattering chocolate milk and ice cream all over the white plaster wall from the baseboards to the ceiling. We wiped as much off as we could, but couldn't reach the ceiling, we basically just smeared the mess into a bigger mess, the Cat In The Hat would have been proud of us. When Mom got home, we caught hell, and we really caught hell when Dad came home. Our fun food was days were over until we grew up and moved out,lol. After that fiasco our chances of Mom ever buying real Shake A Pudd'n were zilch.
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    RE: Shake A Pudd'n 2006/06/26 20:57:18 (permalink)
    The jingle was kind of a Beach Boys knockoff. Sounded like "Surf City" to my middle-aged memory.

    It's called Shake A Pudd'n
    And all you do is shake it!
    Shake, shake, shake a pudding
    Pudding, pudding, SHAKE A PUDDING!

    Now I wonder about the chemistry of Shake A Pudd'n, the way it set so quickly.

    There were some related products. Remember GREAT SHAKES? Same shaker and tetrahedral packets but the end result did not gel as completely.

    And after Cool Whip came out, there were two counterparts also in tubs. One was simply a tub of pudding, available in the usual vanilla, chocolate, and butterscotch. You kept it in the fridge. The other was kept in the freezer and created shakes. You took a couple scoops of the frozen concentrate, put them in milk, and stirred with a fork. Neat effect as the milk cooled.
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    Re:Shake A Pudd'n 2010/07/24 21:37:12 (permalink)
    I remember shake a pudding when I was a kid. late 60' or early 70's. brings back good memories.
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    Re:Shake A Pudd'n 2010/07/24 22:44:47 (permalink)
    nothing special to the 'shake the pudding'.  same mix of ingredients as the regular instant - you just put it in a container with a lid and shook it rather than using a hand mixer & bowl.  the directions, for both procedures, are right on the jello pudding mix boxes (and probably the same with the royal brand, too). 
    the whole 'shake-it' advertising thing was just a marketing gimmick.
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