Shop n Save Grocery Store Deli Fried Chicken

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2004/10/26 11:47:41 (permalink)

Shop n Save Grocery Store Deli Fried Chicken

Now, I'm pretty much a purist about cooked foods, I wanna do it, eat it at someone's home, or at a dining place. I usually avoid grocery store hot offerings like the plague. I detest going through the store with warm packages. Reheated food from such places usually loses what taste it had. But I do have an exception........a big one. The Westover Shop and Save Store is about a mile and a half from me. Family owned by the Mascioli Brothers Carl, Albert and Paul, they bring a hometown touch to a mass supermarket chain. Last week, I was in the store and one of the weekly specials was "Fried Chicken 21 piece,8.99" I thought hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....Went up to the counter took a look. Looked pretty good, but then lots of things look good when it's 8:00 o'clock on a Sunday night, and you've been working in garden all day. One of the deli clerks came over and I asked him....."Tell me, is this good stuff? Would you take it home to your family?" He grinned and offered me a breast(No not his, the damn chicken's) God in his heaven was looking down upon me and Mr Deli-man. It was one of the best pieces of chicken I've had and I include my ol' Great-Aunt Pearl's pan fried beauties in that estimation. It tasted just like pan fried, crisp but not so crunchy it was hard. Thick crust on it, skin crisped, seasoned perfectly. Moist and tender inside, the steam brimming over as I bit into it. My eyes must of spoken "Gimmie, Gimmie" before my mouth did, for Mr. Deli-Man was grinning from ear to ear and already loading up a tray of the golden goodies. Then the Piece' de was after 8 pm...the store would be closing in a couple hours......and they were selling this awesome stuff at 99 cents a pound to finish off the big batch they'd prepared after the day long scramble for it. Yes folks, I got 21 pieces, 6lbs of the bestest chicken for 6.03. I felt like Coronado discovering gold as I whisked off to get the rest of my purchases. When I reached the check out, the cashier looked longingly at my chicken, a spittle of drool starting to form at the corner of her mouth."God that smells and looks good, hope they have some left when I get off." Knowing that feeling of want and need, I asked her if she had a couple of paper towels there under the counter than I could borrow. She pleasantly handed me them. I opened up my package of golden manna took out a piece and handed it to her and sealed it back up. She was effusive in her thanks, almost reverent as she took a bite of hot chicken. All was well with the world. Adam and I ate off that chicken for several meals, and it never lost it's luster. Soooooooo.....if you're ever in the Morgantown area....Westover stop in and see the boys and their staff and their hot deli. It's a good thing.

Westover Shop N Save
Fairmont Road
Morgantown WV
Exit 152 off of I-79......approximately 1/2 mile from the exit on the left.

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    RE: Shop n Save Grocery Store Deli Fried Chicken 2004/10/26 13:47:34 (permalink)
    Thanks, as far as grocery store fried chicken goes hereu in MA: Roche Brothers has excellent and fresh fried chicken.
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