Shwarma sandwich YUM!

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2005/04/13 00:11:52 (permalink)

Shwarma sandwich YUM!

Just had to share that I had a Lebanese shwarma sandwich over the weekend and it was -delicious-! I'd never had any Lebanese food before (well, I have had hummus and baba ganough as well as falafel, but had never been to a traditional Lebanese restaurant before), so this was a nice taste treat.

The best way I can think of describing it is to say that it's the Lebanese version of a Greek gyro! It was available as either lamb/beef or chicken - I had the lamb version, naturally , the meat char-grilled, then stuffed into a pita pocket bread with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and the sauce, which in this case had tahini in it, giving the sandwich a slightly nutty flavor (which imho made it even better!). I think it's pretty similar to the Greek yogurt sauce (*laughs* I can't spell that name, it begins with a "T" though!), just has tahini in addition to the regular ingredients.

I'm definitely heading back to that restaurant and may try the chicken shwarma sandwich next time. BTW, in case anyone in the DC Metro area is interested, I went to the Lebanese Taverna in the new downtown Silver Spring area - it's in the Plaza area and has a small patio for outdoor dining. There are many other restaurants in the new downtown area as well, but as this was our first trip there we didn't get to try the others ... yet.

Also, I'm interested in what are other traditional Lebanese dishes. If anyone has any information, please share! I'm an "adventurous" diner, and am always willing to try -almost- anything. Almost.


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    RE: Shwarma sandwich YUM! 2005/04/13 02:22:20 (permalink)
    Here's what appears to be a solid assortment of Lebanese recipes: One of them is a spinach pie (called Fatayer Bil Sabanikh) which sounds a lot like the Greek Spanikopita which I love. I was looking for something like bastilla which is most authentically Morrocan (and there made with pigeon rather than the more usual chicken) but found in most middle eastern repetoires. I love that too--it's usually made with phyllo dough, cinnamon, pine nuts and chicken.

    PS--Fascinating. When I was growing up in Silver Spring in the '50's, the notion of a place there offering Lebanese food would have been laughable. Pizza was slightly exotic.
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    RE: Shwarma sandwich YUM! 2005/04/13 13:09:17 (permalink)
    For years I've been reading about a small Lebanese chain here in SoCal called Zankou Chicken. All the reviewers would say is that it's the best rotisserie chicken around. Last week I finally got to stop at one. It was awesome! I had the Chicken Shwarma Sandwich-----chunks of chicken breast that literally melted in my mouth, covered with a garlic sauce that was basically yogurt with fresh chopped garlic in it (Lots of garlic!). For $3.99, it came with a side of turnip pickles that were yummy! The restaurant (basically a fast-food look) was filled with Middle Eastern families enjoying the food. After, I went next door to Sarkis Pastry for a delicious baklava. I highly recommend them.
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    RE: Shwarma sandwich YUM! 2005/04/13 13:21:19 (permalink)
    There used to be an Israeli restaurant in Columbus that had wonderful Schwarma sandwiches. I first had one at their booth at the Ohio State Fair back in about 1973. I used to stop in at the restaurant a couple of times a month for more. They went out of business in the early 1980s, and I haven't had Schwarma since. Darn.
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    RE: Shwarma sandwich YUM! 2005/04/13 13:38:37 (permalink)
    Originally posted by tarragon

    I think it's pretty similar to the Greek yogurt sauce (*laughs* I can't spell that name, it begins with a "T" though!)

    That would be tzatziki which is a yogurt and cucumber/dill sauce and it is delicious.
    When I graduated from college I had become friends with a very interesting couple....he was from India and she was from Lebanon. An invitation to dinner was always a it going to be kibbe or kifta or stuffed grape leaves.......or will it be goat curry and pappadums?
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    RE: Shwarma sandwich YUM! 2005/04/13 14:42:50 (permalink)
    These could be the perfect sandwiches. I like white meat chicken only, garlic yogurt sauce, and the lettuce and tomato salad on mine. they are so freakin good. i also prefer mine in a wrap rather than a pita.
    and are these really fattening?? roast chicken, low fat wrap..hmmmm
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