Sicilian Lentil Soup

Miata Stu
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2006/02/26 12:35:12 (permalink)

Sicilian Lentil Soup

Wondering if anyone else uses Alessi Traditional soup mix ? The stuff is really quite local supermarket carries 4 differant mixes and I enjoy all of them esp. the split pea . I guess the thing that makes them Sicilian vice regular is the slight garlic tasts and the few noodles / pasta......Im no gourmet but its good and only takes a few minutes longer than my usual fare of Cambells . The lentil not only is great but makes the kitchen smell less like a batchelor lives there . Any thoughts ?

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    RE: Sicilian Lentil Soup 2006/04/14 15:39:52 (permalink)
    I just now read your post. We have Alessi soups at our (very excellent) local Italian food market, Federico's. I love the Tuscan bean one, and will sample every one they carry. They do tend to be a bit salty but most of the prepared soups are. What makes theirs so good, I think, is the simmering. Don't you think so?
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    RE: Sicilian Lentil Soup 2006/08/05 16:46:12 (permalink)
    I agree with Miata Stu, Alessi Lentil Soup is great. Add a little sausage (turkey kielbasa is good) and you have a meal in no time.

    One problem, my Fred Meyer's (Kroger) stopped selling it!

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    RE: Sicilian Lentil Soup 2006/08/05 17:04:00 (permalink)
    One of our grocery stores carries that brand. I have never tried it but at a fraction of the price it sells for, I could buy the ingredients to make a couple of gallons of homemade.
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    RE: Sicilian Lentil Soup 2006/08/05 19:10:32 (permalink)
    I agree with RubyRose. The ingredients are so simple: onion, carrot, celery, diced ham or bacon, lentils, stock or water. When the lentils are cooked stir in a handful of raw spinach and some parmesan cheese. Salt and pepper to taste. Easy!
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