Simple Rewards program w/ Ratings & Reviews

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Simple Rewards program w/ Ratings & Reviews

I'm a software/web developer who has noticed that most loyalty programs suck because:
a) They require me to carry around a card, be it a credit-card type or a business card with holes punched in it.  I don't like to clutter up my wallet with stuff like this.  We all carry around smartphones in our pockets all day that perfectly fit that use-case.  And if you don't, you probably still manage to find yourself in front of a browser fairly often.
b) Or they depend on me texting something, which means giving my phone number away to who knows who.  I don't like that, or all the spammy texts/calls you receive because of it.  Seems like everyone says "we don't sell your info," but apparently someone is because inevitably it always finds its way into someone's hands who shouldn't be contacting me.

Working in an office, I eat out all the time for lunch and I would love to use rewards programs for the various places I frequent if it was more convenient.  So as a side project, I built the thing I felt would work well.  In addition to loyalty rewards, it seemed a very natural progression to include a customer feedback feature as well.
But, I'm not in the restaurant business so I could be way off on how it needs to work on your end.  If anyone's interested in checking it out, please visit  and click the "I Manage a Restaurant" link.
Basically, instead of a business card with holes punched in it (8 stamps for a free sandwich!), you print the following URL on the customer's receipt:  ([g]rub[g]rabr [code],  works too) -- where abcd123 is the 7-digit Grubcode unique to each purchase.  You can also print the QR-codes for the URL, which means all the user has to do to leave feedback is scan the QR-code which sends them to  -- very simple.  You could even display the the QR-codes on any tablet device, etc. so the customer can scan them right there at the counter.  Grubgrabr allows you to view and print the QR-codes of all the Grubcodes that you generate.
You'll receive 300 free Feedback-enabled Grubcodes upon email verification.  I'm starting off at $15 for 2,000 Feedback enabled codes and $10 if you only want the Rewards feature.  Soon, I will add a subscription plan on the order of $30/mo for 5,000 Grubcodes (non-rollover), and $20/mo for non-Feedback enabled codes.  If this catches on, I'd eventually add a corporate plan for larger chains.
There's a lot of competition in this space, but I'm not sure of anyone who's doing it like this, and if they are, are they as cheap a solution?  The perks I see are:  
(a) Low barrier to entry, the customer only enters a username/password once (on a device) and is remembered, and all reward/feedback are tracked against that account.  No apps to download, no extra cards in your wallet.  Even if they don't have a Grubgrabr account, they can still leave feedback with a valid code.  A simple line of communication without exchanging phone numbers, email, etc.
(b) Requiring a valid code guards against your competitors negatively affecting your score by leaving fake reviews.
Future feature ideas: restaurant managers can pick and choose which reviews/photos are displayed on the front page, so you're always putting your best foot forward.

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