Sliders at Home

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Baah Ben
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RE: Sliders at Home 2008/03/24 20:03:32 (permalink)

I lived in Hackensack for a lot of years..Never once went to White Manna. Dumb Dumb Dumb. I was always a White Castle guy and when they came to Rt 17 in Hasbrouck Heights, I was overjoyed. I liked White Castle mainly because of the rolls they had made especially for them....Fairly certain they have commissaries throughout the northeast.

Man, those burgers at White Manna look terrific! But, are they just using a smaller version of a regular store brought hamburger roll? Or, is it a regular sized one? To me, what makes White Castle special is the roll. But, it sure looks like the insides at White Manna are far, far superior to those little frozen squares with holes and those pre-diced onions that White Castle uses. Got to try that place next time I am in Hackensack!

I loved that video!!!!! Thank you Beef Aficionado! Terrific!
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RE: Sliders at Home 2008/03/24 20:18:33 (permalink)
Originally posted by rouxdog

Call them whatever you wish, I don't care. Growing up in the south I ate pert nert a ton of Krystals long before I heard of White Castle. I can devour either or both, at the same time!
Here's how I putem together at home.....
First I order dried chopped onions, big sack, from Pendery's in Texas. While awaiting their arrival I make sure to gather up sufficient cheap yellow mustard, cheap thin sliced dill pickles, cheap fat ground beef, American cheese slices "right size" buns and potato chips, paper plates and napkins. I get out the well seasoned castiron griddle which sits atop two stove eyes. If thats too small, I have another which covers the entire stove top.
Dried onions arrive. Pour them into a big pot, cover with 4 or 5 times volume of water overnightish.
Now were ready to get cooking. Steam the onions. This may be done ahead, just refrigerate. Big broad pot of water allowing for an "onion pan or rack" to hold an abundance of chopped onions. Set this up, top the onions with salt pepper and whatever you wish. Flip and turn the onions until about half cooked. Get that cheap meat rolled out thinly between layers of plastic wrap on a cutting board. Using a pizza cutter, cut out the appropriate size patties, then using the handle end of a wooden spoon make 5 spaced indentations through each patty. Bring the griddle up to temp. Have a semi trained friend ready to assist, iced down beverages(one in hand), along with good friends and a beautiful New Mexico sunset...........
TURN ON the kitchen vent fan... Cover the grill with a generous amount of the onion, very closely slap down the meat patties, top with the bottom half of the bun then the top half. Cook..... When done, top with the "stuff" and enjoy.
MY way for 15 or 20 folks. No complaints, they keep coming back.

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RE: Sliders at Home 2008/03/24 20:46:35 (permalink)
Originally posted by ellen4641

burgers for breakfast! You're my kind of guys!

Coarsely torn apart in a bowl, sprikle of sugar, slightly moisten with cream or half & half, garnished with old pickle slices ...
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RE: Sliders at Home 2008/05/28 11:45:31 (permalink)
It's there!
Originally posted by KOK

I'll be in Brooklyn end of March and there seems to be a White Castle on Myrtle Ave at Wycoff. I'm looking forward to sliders as much as I did some 10 years ago in Chicago at the W.C. near Midway.

I hope I won't find it closed. If open, I know I'll find it as good as always. There are no W.C. restaurants in Maryland.

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RE: Sliders at Home 2008/05/28 12:10:28 (permalink)
The recipes on the White Castle site are interesting.
The restaurant is too far from my home but all the supermarkets carry the burgers in the frozen section, so I always have a box in the freezer. We prefer the burgers instead of the cheeseburgers.

Making the slyders, I have but mine just come out like mini burgers. I'd rather just buy a box of the white castle burgers for my freezer. A box of 10 costs $9.99.

PS the WC turkey stuffing recipe is good, I substituted 2 fennel bulbs chopped for the celery and left out the sage, used fresh thyme. Not bad....
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