Smitty's - Somers Point, NJ

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2009/08/04 13:49:33 (permalink)

Smitty's - Somers Point, NJ

Ms OC and I decided to go to Smitty's last Friday night.  The actual name of the place is The Clam Bar at Smith's Marina, but most people just call it Smitty's or the Clam Bar.  The sign says---well actually there is no sign.  I guess everyone just knows the place. You can eat outside at the counter, or the inside dinning room.  Outside is very nautical.  It is located right in the marina.


Here is a guy that spends his entire workday opening clams.

I started off with a half dozen top necks.  Fresh as can be.  They smelled and tasted like the ocean.  I'm afraid they were gone before I remembered my camera.  You will have to take my word for it, they were beauties and delicious!
We decided to eat inside since a storm was rapidly approaching.  A good thing too.  Just after we placed our order, a severe thunderstorm hit, sending those at the outside counter running.  Then the electric went out.  Our dinners were the last to come out before they closed the kitchen (and the restaurant)  I am sorry for the blurry pictures but there were no lights.
Ms OC had the potato skins stuffed with lobster, shrimp, scallops and crab with a sour cream and cheese sauce

I went with the Seafood Alfredo - lobster, shrimp, scallops and clams with pasta and alfredo sauce.

Everything was very fresh and very good.  The only problem was that since both dishes were baked, the shrimp were a tad tough, but very tasty!  The cole slaw was great as well.
As we were leaving the storm was over but the electric never came back on until midnight.  Strange to see the dinning room so empty on a Friday night.

We enjoy going here once in a while.  The dinners run around $10 $12.  There is no air conditioning and they do not take plastic.
They will take cash, a check or an IOU.

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    Re:Smitty's - Somers Point, NJ 2009/08/04 16:31:45 (permalink)
    good report ChrisOC. I like that being able to sit at the counter outside (until it rains) under those yellow bug lights.
    sure you forgot about the camera, your mouth probably just got in the way.
    keep it up.
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    Re:Smitty's - Somers Point, NJ 2009/08/05 11:34:11 (permalink)
    Nice report on Smitty's, and you also lit a fire under me to go there. I'd read reviews on another site and for some reason forgot about going there. I notice it's only 4 blocks from Charlie's, which is year-round and we can go there (and do) all seasons. Different food, of course. Gregory's, too, which it's very close to. But Smitty's, I'm sure, is seasonal and it may be a good idea for us to go before they close till next year. Smitty's is the kind of place that's right up our alley.
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    Re:Smitty's - Somers Point, NJ 2009/08/05 13:29:07 (permalink)
    Lovely--I really don't often order casserole type dealies with shrimp in them for that reason.  At home I haven't found a way to do that without making them tiny hockey pucks.  Thanks for the report!
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    Re:Smitty's - Somers Point, NJ 2009/08/06 17:51:27 (permalink)
    Two things I neglected to include in my report.  Yes they are seasonal and the other is that they are BYOB.
    As you wait there is a young man with a corkscrew, a churchkey and a supply of plastic cups available.

    Oh, and one other thing.  Often I ignore the fancy specials and go for a true clam bar meal.  6 to 12 on the half shell and a bowl of chowder.  Smitty's doesn't get into Manhattan etc.  You say chowder, they say "Red or white?"
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    Re:Smitty's - Somers Point, NJ 2009/08/07 09:35:40 (permalink)
    Great pictures and report!

    I was just at Smitty's two weeks ago and it was amazing.  We went with the chowder, steamers and split the baked assortment. 

    They also do a nice breakfast around back that usually includes crab omelets.

    We're heading back down to the shore next week so I may make another stop.
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    Re:Smitty's - Somers Point, NJ 2009/08/07 11:08:03 (permalink)
    we've gone there for 20+ years and never had a bad meal. still have their "you can't lick our clams" t=shirt and hat!
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    Re:Smitty's - Somers Point, NJ 2009/08/14 02:02:43 (permalink)
    My BF loves the place...
    I don't do seafood, though..

    We both like the Crab Trap, around the corner...
    (I like the prime rib there)
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