Snack Cakes from Forever Ago

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RE: Snack Cakes from Forever Ago 2006/05/04 17:50:06 (permalink)
Originally posted by Stevie Doug

From my long past youth I remember inhaling Banana Flips and Jim Jam's with a glass (or 2) of milk after school. Anyone know if these snack cakes exist (are made and sold) anymore?
[If memory serves, I remember Jim Jams Banana Flips and Spice Boats all being manufactured under the name of "Cookbook". I think there was a name with an apostrophe like Smith's or Brown's or some such word that preceded the word "Cookbook". I haven't seen any of these in northeastern Ohio for years.
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RE: Snack Cakes from Forever Ago 2006/05/05 09:50:16 (permalink)
I always like the Spanish Bar cakes. Even Winn Dixie sold those, but I don't remember who made them. I also liked the cinnamon buns with the white icing and with raisins in them. Years ago, the Christmas season would begin with my Daddy buying a Jane Parker fruitcake.
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RE: Snack Cakes from Forever Ago 2006/05/07 22:20:22 (permalink)
Mmmmmm. I'd kill for a 'Devil Dog" or a "Yankee Doodle" about now with a nice cold glass of milk.
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RE: Snack Cakes from Forever Ago 2006/06/24 12:33:24 (permalink)
For young twenty-somethings, A&P was a supermarket chain from days gone by.A&P + Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co.We had quite a few here
in Chicago.They left about twenty-five years ago
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RE: Snack Cakes from Forever Ago 2006/06/24 13:38:09 (permalink)
I used to love Drakes coffee cakes and Devil Dogs. Ring Dings were great too. Hostess seems to have aquired some of Drakes recipes/rights and their coffee cake is similar.

What I liked were Richs Chocolate Eclairs and Bavarian Creme Puffs that could be found in the store freezer section. They do not seem to be easily found, so I will go for Entenmanns chocolate eclairs.

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RE: Snack Cakes from Forever Ago 2006/06/28 19:09:55 (permalink)
Dolly Madison (IBC) has inherited the banana flips from Mickey (ABC).
Flowers also used to make them, (that's what Mrs. Frehsley's would be)but the cake was always dry and gritty. They also made chocolate flips (vanilla creme) and even a vanilla flip.

I still have the paper labels from a lot of these things, and have even scanned them and used them as my desktop for a while.

I also still miss Drake's strawberry and banana Shortcakes (basically, their fake Twinkies back before the merger). And out West, the best tasting cakes I ever had were Break's (Campbell Taggart; now Earth Grains) Shake Cakes, which looked like Zingers, but were slightly longer, and came in vanilla, chocolate, and Strawberry.

These days, I have been eating Entenmann's mini carrot cakes, which are also sold in two in a pack, at least around here. They are kind of shaped like Zingers as well, but not as sugary, but tasty carrot cake. Totally unique in snack cakes.
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RE: Snack Cakes from Forever Ago 2007/04/23 09:08:29 (permalink)
Regarding the 'Banana Flips' & 'Jim Jams' there was a third cake treat called 'Devil's Delite' that was a devils food sandwich with a vanilla creme center. The label said "Cookbook Cake treats" and then later the word 'Mickey's' was added to the label as I remember. I grew up in the 50s & 60s in Michigan and we had them there.
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Re:Snack Cakes from Forever Ago 2012/03/31 15:15:11 (permalink)
THIS IS CRAAAAAZY  my brother and I were just talking about jim jams the other day  they were his favorites!!!!!!
My favorite on the other hand was a small pie that had lemon jello then on top of that was a whipped cream with toasted coconut on top of it.  OMG i am drooling for one of those right now!!!!!
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Re:Snack Cakes from Forever Ago 2012/10/02 16:40:34 (permalink)
Passion Flakies were called Puffed Squares 45 years ago and then Fruit Flakies for a brief period about 30 years ago. They're still the very best though by whatever name, but they're sold only in Canada:


They can be bought individually wrapped at most variety stores but buy a whole box of six if you're ever north of the border. You won't regret it. They'll make you want to move to Canada. 

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