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2007/01/20 10:22:07 (permalink)


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    RE: Snoots! 2007/01/20 10:26:42 (permalink)
    Not me!
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    RE: Snoots! 2007/01/20 16:00:42 (permalink)
    Thanks for that article Bill! I read the whole thing and didn't realize 'til the end that it had been written by a good friend of mine, Ardie Davis! Ardie and I and a bunch of other folks who work the Barbecue Sauce Store at the American Royal got together for dinner over the Holidays at RJ's Bobbacue near Roland Park. We had some mighty fine 'Que but no snoots.

    Heck, I didn't even know that KC had any snoots available. I'm not familiar with the Tenderloin Grill, but I guess I'll need to look them up next time I'm in town.

    Ardie's book, "The Kansas City BBQ Pocket Guide" is a must have item for anyone trying to navigate the Greasehouse scene in KC. It was published in 1992 so a lot of the places mentioned are long gone. But the ones that remain are well reviewed in the book.

    He also wrote the "Great BBQ Sauce Book" in 1999. Barbecue Sauce is Ardie's first love. He started the Sauce, Baste, & Rub Contest at the American Royal back in the early '80s. Ardie is damn fine writer who is currently working on a new Barbecue book project with Paul Kirk (mentioned in the snoot article, also the owner of RUB, the New York BBQ joint discussed here at Roadfood). The concept of the book has shifted a couple of times but will be published by 10 Speed Press upon completion.


    P.S. Yes, Roadhouse Bar-B-Que Sauce is listed in the "Great BBQ Sauce Book". Ardie was an early supporter of ours. If you find a copy of the book (also published by 10 Speed Press) you will see the labels that preceeded the ones we are currently replacing.

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    RE: Snoots! 2007/01/20 21:01:13 (permalink)
    Buddy, I had a really cool conversation With Calvin Trillin in the early 80's one time when he was back home and on Mike Murphy's Radio Show. Being a boy of KCK heritage, I told him about Lee's Hog House, (mentioned in article)
    Then he and Mike proceededto ramble on about another place that served snoots down in the bottoms on James Street. Really cool.
    I also went to school with a couple O Quicks, and a Zarda and Reike or two + and the Fritz's owners' daughter Peggy.
    I believe Paul is a married in Bichelmeyer or something similar.I grew up in Roeland Park from the age of 5. It's quite enjoyable that it's become the home of bbq royalty, besides being the home of Pizza Hut #2. I never realized how much I grew up around food & food people.
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    RE: Snoots! 2007/01/21 13:44:50 (permalink)
    It does not sound appetizing to me. I like portions of the pig but definately not all of it.

    Do people knowingly eat the nose of beef? I just found out that they eat the nose of a pig. Maybe that is what they put in hot dogs, balogna and other fine treats.

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