Some pasta with that?

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2005/08/11 11:36:00 (permalink)

Some pasta with that?

I got a funny story. Any one ever have a similiar experience?

My mother makes a mean chili. She makes it from scratch and uses her own blend of spices. It's pretty darn good.

My parents were both teachers and had four boys to bring up in the 70's when gas and oil prices were skyrocketing and beef was a premium, even ground chuck.
So my mom, would make her batch of chili and serve it over egg noodles (perfectly cooked, not too soggy).

We LOVED it! It was a kids favorite. Along with pizza night, where we all chipped in to make the pizza (another great story), chili night was a family event.

So, one time, when travelling to Cape Cod, or long island or something, my parents stopped on the road to eat at some restaurant that was famous for its chili. Mind you, this was a planned stop, so us boys were looking forward to this famous chili that many friends and travellers had raved to us.

So all four of us boys ordered a bowl and out it came...
We were very upset.
There were no noodles.
Just a bowl of chili.
Meat, beans, tomato, peppers, spices...all the things you'd expect to find in a good chili, but there were no damn noodles!
Where were the noodles?

Us boys, were disappointed to say the least. We had been so looking forward to this famous chili, and they didn't even give us any noodles. Humph!
Well, the four of us are all grown, married, etc., and we know that chili isn't served with noodles in the rest of the world, in fact, my mother no longer serves her chili over noodles.
But I have to say, occasionally, I will order chili with a side of noodles. (don't mock me when you see me do it)


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    RE: Some pasta with that? 2005/08/11 12:18:28 (permalink)
    Although it is over spaghetti rather than egg noodles, the "multi"-way chili, served around Cincinnati and in Steak 'n Shakes everywhere they are, might somewhat satisfy your cravings for pasta with your chili.
    Michael Hoffman
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    RE: Some pasta with that? 2005/08/11 12:23:46 (permalink)
    You'd expect to find beans in chili? How odd. " />
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    RE: Some pasta with that? 2005/08/11 13:20:05 (permalink)
    I guess I expect to find beans in my chili too. I dont know why, except when I think of chili I think chunkier and thick with meat and beans vs the thinner versions I usually see.

    Noodles with chili seems okay too. Bowl of chili alone never did it for me, I always needed fritos or tortilla chips to go along with it. Noodles ain't such a big stretch.
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    RE: Some pasta with that? 2005/08/11 14:29:43 (permalink)
    Only thing I need with my chili is cornbread (unsweetened, thank you).
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    RE: Some pasta with that? 2005/08/11 14:45:01 (permalink)
    Yes Mike, I'm not from Texas, so I expect some beans as a part of my chili.

    According to the ICS "Red Chili" can not contain beans. However, in its People's Choice Chili catagory, it MUST contain either beans or (much to my surprise) pasta.

    So, yes, beans seem to be a known ingredient. In upstate, NY (where I grew up) you'd be hard pressed to find a place where you ordered a bowl of chili and it didn't have beans in it. I'm not sure of the ingredients in the famed Dinosaur BBQ's chili. (famed for BBQ, not chili) But my recollection is that they do not put beans in their chili. They do however include BBQ sauce -probably its "wango tango" sauce. And, I think "Rudys" in Oswego, known for their "Texas Hots" (hotdog with chili) also do not put beans in its chili. But most family restaurants include beans in their chili.
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    RE: Some pasta with that? 2005/09/09 13:51:10 (permalink)
    My mom always served chili over elbow macaroni, which I always thought was gross. I preferred my chili solo and thick, with beans and big chunks of beef, onion, tomato and garlic.

    I moved to Cincinnati in the early 80s -- the first time I ordered chili there (from the SunBright Chili Parlor in Lebanon, or SunBlight, as we used to call it), I was horrified when I was served this bowl of watery, fine meat. I think I lived there for at least 10 years before I began to enjoy Cincinnati chili in all its glory.
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