Soup weather coming up

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RE: Soup weather coming up 2004/12/18 17:49:41 (permalink)
We are having udon noodle soup with dashi broth and vegetables and shiitake mushrooms tonight. It's very easy to make because we buy a kit from our favorite Japanese - Korean Market. It's nearly as good as homemade. Several nights ago we had split pea with smoked ham shank. Soup is good.
Filet Mignon
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RE: Soup weather coming up 2004/12/18 20:33:57 (permalink)
Originally posted by lleechef

Originally posted by tiki

Originally posted by carlton pierre

Gonna be real cold here in Knoxville next few days. I made some meat last night for a beef stew but didn't have potatoes so thought I'd fix that today. Instead I took the meat and made a beef barley vegetable soup last night. Making beef stew today.
There's just something about cold weather that makes me want to make soup.

Must be something in the air!! Im making a beef stew today myself--should be the perfect evening to eat it---supposed to get down to 20 degees tonite---i know it did last night!!! Yep---its DEFINATELY SOUP WEATHER!!

20 degrees? We in Alaska wear SHORTS and T-SHIRTS in that balmy weather!! And pull the grill out!
It's been pretty cold and snowy here, so the meals for the week consisted of a huge pot roast, batch of halibut chowder and split pea and ham soup. If that doesn't fill your gullet, nothing will! Soup ROCKS!!

My brother is a seasons tickets holder for the Patriots---they all get together for the last home game of the yr and wear hawaiian shirts and shorts---they have something in commen with you Alaskans that wear shorts in 20 degree weather---YOUR BOTH NUTS!!!!!
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RE: Soup weather coming up 2004/12/18 21:17:23 (permalink)
One winter, about 20 years ago (makes me feel old saying things like...about 20 years ago) I rented a house with a bunch of friends near a ski resort in upstate NY. The best part of that whole winter was my dinner at the Last Chance Cheese shop in Tannersville. Great soups with great warm breads and cheese. I haven't been back there in a long time, but can still taste their soups!
carlton pierre
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RE: Soup weather coming up 2004/12/20 17:45:24 (permalink)
Tony, think you'reold now; wait til you start relating things that happened 30 and 40 years ago.
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