Southern BBQ Boys-Smart Kids!

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2009/01/23 13:16:08 (permalink)

Southern BBQ Boys-Smart Kids!

Gotta admire these college kids, who managed to devise a way to get college credit for doing a Roadfood tour

Brittany Whitley
Staff Writer
Published: January 21, 2009
Art Richey, Matt Lee, Jeff Vaughan and Will Foster got up at 5 a.m. in Atlanta Tuesday and by 7 a.m. they were eating barbecue.
They were at it again at 11:15 a.m. at Byron’s Smokehouse in Auburn.
The four “Southern BBQ Boys,” all students at Birmingham-Southern College, are at the end of a 17-day barbecue tour of the South.
Their journey has taken them through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina.
Not only are they “living the life,” as Foster put it, but they are also being paid —  $800 in expenses paid by the school — and graded on the academic journey.
The tour is a one-hour credit course they created. The four young men are blogging, writing papers and studying southern barbecue and its culture.
“I could do this for a living,” Foster said, pointing out that not only was he “feasting” on barbecue but that he was also surrounded by pretty girls (two AU students, both female friends, were eating with the BBQ Boys).
Although the four young scholars spoke of the end of their tour with excitement (they are finally starting to get tired of eating barbecue), they still had no problem with devouring the meal set before them at Byron’s on Tuesday.
This was business, Richey said.
“We’re used to this by now,” he said, motioning to a plate of barbecue ribs and plates of sliced and pulled pork, barbecue chicken, coleslaw, potato salad, brownies and cookies. “Last week we kind of hit a wall. We just kind of stared. We had to eat it.”
Luckily, they have recovered.
The BBQ Boys said they chose barbecue joints because they were fascinated with their unique atmosphere. Barbecue restaurants are rarely chains, they said, are usually hospitable and offer a snapshot glance of a town.
“You get a good grip, even if you’ve been in the city for 45 minutes,” Vaughan said.
Lee said, “There’s so much more to it, every place we’ve been has a story.”
Although the BBQ Boys have had such delicacies as barbecue nachos and barbecue spaghetti, two less exotic items were standouts at Byron’s, they said — the ketchup-based sauce, only the second such sauce they had encountered, and the sausage.
“This sauce is perfect,” Richey said.
Richey said he has learned a few things on his 2,500-mile journey, such as “I’ve learned that I don’t want to live anywhere else. I love the South.”
The BBQ Boys said they had some plans when they are finished.
“I want to eat Panera salads. We want to be sponsored by NutriSystem and lose some weight,” Richey said. “They weighed us this morning. Will gained 10 pounds.”
Richey said he’s gained five pounds during the tour.
  College credit for eating Que. My kind of school

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    Re:Southern BBQ Boys-Smart Kids! 2009/01/23 14:31:05 (permalink)

     Where were these courses when my semester elective choices were "Statistics" or "Fundamentals of Sub-Saharan Geology" ?
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    Re:Southern BBQ Boys-Smart Kids! 2009/01/23 14:45:46 (permalink)
    I coulda had a PhD. 
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    Re:Southern BBQ Boys-Smart Kids! 2009/01/23 16:23:31 (permalink)
    too funny!   I love it.   When my son was just fooling around in college in his first year. he was taking a speech class and a wine tasting class.

    When it was his turn to give his speech to the class,  he came in and set up a folding table   and  proceeded to put bottles of wine and glasses down on the table.  By now, the whole class is laughing.   So  he gives his speech  and  swirls and tastes the wines  again and again. 
    At the end of the speech,  he is "half bombed" and the class and the professor are laughing their heads off.  He got an  A plus  with the professer remarking that he was not sure if the mark was for the speech or the audacity
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    Re:Southern BBQ Boys-Smart Kids! 2009/01/23 18:02:36 (permalink)
    That sounds like a class I could really sink my teeth into..
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